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How Your Diet Can Help Prevent Acne


Millions of people suffer daily from acne issues on their face and bodies. This acne can occur in pre-teens, teens and even adults. Acne can have many causes, such as an allergy to a certain type of makeup or face wash. You may even be allergic to your own hair or styling products. However, science has proved that your diet can help to prevent acne. There are several ways that you can watch your diet and help acne issues.


The modern lifestyle had led to more serious illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and even diabetes. All of these can be controlled by diet, unless of course it is too late. The same goes for acne issues. All of these mentioned issues are caused by the way that people eat and all the refined carbohydrates, sugar and sodium that they consume.

In the beginning of time, man only ate vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. That is why there were not as many health issues to be discussed. Did you know that refined sugar produces more insulin in the body, which leads to more hormones in the body? This then leads to more oil and bacteria to be found on the body's surface and interior, leading to more acne.

When you put certain types of food in the body, the body doesn't produce enough white blood cells and the digestive system changes. Americans are often in a hurry these days and so food has changed for convenience purposes. Food is more heavily processed, leading to more toxins in the body. People with acne often are found to have more toxins in their skin than those without and the body is working to get rid of those toxins by any means necessary. This is when the acne appears.



Seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables provide the body with all the enzymes and nutrients that the body will need for proper digestion to occur. When cooking these foods, many of the vital nutrients are eliminated, meaning that your body will have to work 4 times as hard to process and digest what nutrition is actually left in these foods.

Any food, no matter how healthy, once heated will lose at least half of the minerals and vitamins that it had prior to heating. Antioxidants will work to pick up any free radical or toxins that are left in the body from eating. A diet which is rich in these all natural, non-cooked foods will help to clear up or reduce acne.

Be sure to drink at least 8-10 ounces of water every single day. If you work out, or are expecting, you will need even more water than that. If you are drinking well water, make sure to have the water tested at least 2 times a year, but more if you experience higher than average rainfall in your area. By drinking water, you will also flush out any unwanted toxins from the body.


Always wash your face upon waking and going to bed to help acne issues as well.

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