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People are aware that there are diseases that are not curable. Treatments may be present for these incurable diseases but they can only try to make the disease and its effects manageable. Although experts are not stopping in their studies and researches about these incurable diseases, still, more and more people are getting them each day all over the world.

One of these incurable diseases, and is also know as a silent epidemic, is HIV/AIDS. This is tagged as a silent epidemic because of the long incubation period it that make it tricky to detect at its early stage. This is one of the reasons why the spread of this disease is somehow unstoppable since those who are not yet aware that they already have the disease can still pass it on to another person.

The World AIDS Day

This disease is not only affecting some people in some parts of the world. This disease has the attention of people all over the world. The spread of this disease is not only affecting a portion of people but already a larger number of people. There are even children who are already infected with this disease without knowing how.

This is why the world now has a World AIDS Day which is set every 1st of December. This day is spent on the awareness of this disease that is still causing a lot of deaths and discomforts to some people all over the world.

Different groups all over the world are doing their share in letting people know more about AIDS. This awareness that every group is promoting is geared towards eliminating possible cases of AIDS by preventing it from spreading.

Concerned companies and organizations would conduct seminars, rallies, talks, and conventions for the main purpose of reminding and teaching people on how to prevent the disease to clam more victims. Educating people about AIDS can be very helpful in making people be aware and responsible with how they conduct themselves to make sure they are not going to be one of the causes of the diseases as well.

Causes And Carriers of AIDS

Stopping AIDS can be done by preventing it from occurring. Preventing AIDS can be very tricky because of its nature but it is not impossible to do.

According to reports, the most common way to spread AIDS is through sexual contact. In line with this, people would strongly promote safe sex. Safe sex can be done in different ways. Some would observe this drive of safe sex by using contraceptives or condoms when doing the deed. Some would just make sure that they won’t sleep around just with anyone.

Prevent The Spread, Be Aware

AIDS can be spread in different ways other than sexual contact or activity. People are made aware of these methods during the World AIDS Day to eliminate not just the disease itself but also the misconception of people about AIDS.

Not everyone is aware that AIDS can also be spread by sharing stuff, using unsterilized needles and blades, and also the transmission of saliva from an AIDS victim to another person who doesn’t have it yet.

By Greggy Rick Go, published at 02/17/2012
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