What Are the Statistics About Aids
Diseases AIDS

What Are the Statistics About Aids

Published at 03/01/2012 13:17:04

AIDS All Over The World

What Are the Statistics About Aids

The world is seeing the continuing growth in the number of people who have become victims to the silent killer disease known as AIDS. Since the first outbreak this disease has caused, the numbers are growing even with its fading attention that it used to have from people. It may not be as ‘popular’ among people around the world today back in the days wherein people would cringe and abhor people who are diagnosed to have this disease but the effects to man’s health has always been the same.

The statistics aids can show that more and more people are diagnosed with the disease. All over the world, the disease is spreading and it is not stopping. The spread of the disease has always been the thing that many people in groups and organizations are trying to stop by promoting to people the awareness about AIDS.

Statistics Show

What Are the Statistics About Aids

The impact and effects of this has clearly been underestimated by the people who have acquired them. Even those people who are already informed about the said disease are also down with their defenses thinking that they won’t acquire such disease.

Statistics aids is showing some highlights and they are not very impressive yet they are very alarming. More than 25 million people have already suffered death on the hands of AIDS. No thanks to this disease, people’s health has been compromised because of the weak immune system and got attacked by different kinds of diseases.

In 2007 alone, it is reported that over 300,000 children and 2 million adults have already died because of AIDS. Those who are still living and regretting each day to have this disease is already reported to have reached more than 30.8 million of adults and 2 million of children.

It Is Growing

What Are the Statistics About Aids

The growing numbers as shown in the statistics aids, should still be very alarming and must have the full attention from people and those experts who are still trying to do something about the disease. There might be a lot of support being given to and by the groups and organizations but they are still insufficient.

Support and awareness of AIDS should be all the more strengthened and be given more attention not only by experts and authorities but main by the people. It has been observed that people are becoming more tolerant and accepting of the fact that AIDS have become part of the world. This is giving some people the idea of being helpless against it and to just not worry too much about it.

Be Aware and Help the Fight Against AIDS

When you look at the statistics aids, it is clearly obvious that there is much to be done about the world’s fight against AIDS. The efforts that experts and concerned organizations still need some more support from many people.

Statistics aids tell you that AIDS has no plans of stopping in its effects on people and so should many of us. The world should not stop in its fight against this disease and it still needs the full support of people who can make this effort be essential and significant in defeating AIDS.


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