How Does Air Affect Allergy
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How Does Air Affect Allergy

Published at 03/01/2012 13:22:14

Allergies Around Us

How Does Air Affect Allergy

Allergies may not always be mild in terms of its effect in a person’s health. There are allergies that may not be as considerate to people and can have complicated consequences. Having mentioned this, it is always ideal that all measures to ensure that you don’t get allergies be taken and be part of people’s priorities.

Air allergy is one of the common allergies that a person may be affected with. These airborne allergies occur when a person gets in contact with allergens in the air wherein it then over reacts to it as a threat. When this happens the body will try different ways and methods to get rid of the threat that it perceives.

Airborne Allergies

How Does Air Affect Allergy

The air plays a significant role in spreading allergies. There are airborne allergies that are known to people and have been causing discomfort. In air allergy, the pollen is considered as the most common source of irritation. Some people may think that allergies caused by pollen can only occur in spring but the fact is it can be any time of the year.

Another cause of airborne allergies is dust mites. These little critters can live in your beds and are notorious in causing allergy and can trigger asthma. Dust mites are just very difficult to deal with and one can’t really eliminate them for good.

It is good that efforts are being made by different places and establishment to make it smoke free zones but it is one of the allergens. Those who are non-smokers or those who find it hard to quit smoking may find it difficult to be in an environment where smoke is heavy.

Heed the Signs

How Does Air Affect Allergy

When a person is being attacked by the different allergens that are all around, the body reacts to them in order to defend your health. But when the immune system overreacts to the different substances that are considered allergens, allergic reactions may occur. In most cases, these airborne allergens affect the respiratory system since that is the first area where the particles come in contact with the body.

Like any other diseases or health problems, there are symptoms that can give away the existence of allergic reactions in the body. A person just has to be keen in determining what these signs are so not to get further complications.

An air allergy can show some of these symptoms;

1. Red and itchy eyes

2. Watery eyes

3. Congestion

4. Itchy nose

5. Scratchy throat

These are the commons signs that one may get when allergic reaction is happening in your body. Be aware of these symptoms and immediately seek help or find the right treatment.

Treat Allergies

Air allergy can be very discomforting and can make you live miserably. The moment you get those symptoms, see to it that you get yourself the proper allergy shots or treatments. These treatments are mainly to reduce your immune system’s reaction to the airborne allergens.

Although treatments and remedies may sometimes be expensive or costly, this should not just make you disregard an air allergy.


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