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5 Most Common Genetics Diseases

Genetic Diseases Revisited

There are diseases that are caused by bacteria, viruses, and other organisms that attack the body and are not defeated by the body’s antibodies. These diseases are mostly curable or treatable with different methods and medicines. Some of these genetics diseases may not be cured but they can be prevented or controlled.

But there are also genetics diseases that are caused by no outside organisms or parasites but by mere genetic composition. These are called genetic diseases or disorders. The abnormalities that are present in the genes are what are causing these diseases. Mutation or the alterations in the genes are also other causes of these genetic disorders.

It is understood believed that a person’s vulnerability to these genetics diseases increases if the existing genes interacts with one another. Those dominant variant genes are reported to what’s causing people to suffer from Huntington disease. This disease is considered as a nervous system disorder.

5 Most Common Genetic Diseases

There are many types of genetic diseases. One type of this is the single gene disorder which usually happens in one gene only. When there is something missing or altered in the protein arrangement there is a possibility that this disorder could happen. Some examples of this single gene disorder are cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia.

But there are most common genetics diseases that the world has often heard about. There has been a lot of reported cases of genetic diseases and some of them are most common than the rest.

1. Down syndrome is a result of the existence of the same copy of gene on the 21st chromosome.
2. Alzheimer’s disease has been mostly heard about and becomes serious as the person grows older. This disease is incurable.
3. Thalessemia happens when the synthesis of one of the globin chains, which forms the hemoglobin in the blood, is reduced.
4. The Cystic Fibrosis is also part of the most common genetic diseases. This happens in the pancreas.
5. And the Sickle Cell Anemia also made it to this list. Like the thelessemia, this is also a recessive blood disease.

No Cures Yet

These genetisc diseases, especially those that are considered degenerative, are still being researched on. Even until today, there are still a lot of genetic diseases or disorders that are still without cure. Those who are experiencing or suffering from these are just given some treatments that are aimed not to cure them but to make these diseases manageable or controllable.

Aside from these treatments that help those patients with genetics diseases, there are also some counseling that are available to help them handle their conditions properly. Those families who have members suffering from these are also given some time to understand the condition of the patient.

Help Patients with Understanding

Even though people are not stopping in finding that cure or perfect treatment for these genetic disorders or diseases, those people who know some who are suffering from these diseases should be addressed to properly. People experiencing serious cases of genetic diseases must be understood in order to help them feel good about themselves in spite of their conditions.

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