How To Protect Yourself From Emerging Infectious Disease
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How To Protect Yourself From Emerging Infectious Disease

Published at 01/10/2012 20:27:22

Understanding Infectious Diseases

  How To Protect Yourself From Emerging Infectious Disease

Many people are not aware of how serious infectious diseases can be. Some people are not even aware of the fact that these infectious diseases can be morbid and end in a tragic death. So if you are concerned about your health and want you and your family to be aware of the dangers of these infectious diseases then you’re reading the right article.

Many infectious diseases are causing problems to people mainly because they are not fully understood by the person infected. Reading this will give you the basics of infectious diseases and later on knowing how to prevent emerging infectious diseases.

Causes of Infectious Diseases

  How To Protect Yourself From Emerging Infectious Disease

The common infectious diseases are spread through different mediums such as contaminated food or water. Emerging infectious diseases are also spread by physical contact or through blood transfer. These infectious diseases are caused by agents like bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, and other organisms.

Anyone can be infected by these infectious diseases. These diseases know no gender, race, or status in life. It can strike at anyone if not careful.

Types of Infectious Diseases

  How To Protect Yourself From Emerging Infectious Disease

There infectious diseases that world has always been hearing about. There have been a lot of people who have already been affected by these diseases.

One of the common infectious diseases out there is chicken pox. This disease is caused by a virus known as varicella zoster virus. Although this is more common in children, this disease is already becoming more prevalent in adults. This is mostly acquired through physical contact with an infected person.

Strep Throat is another infectious disease you must be aware about. This another common disease which affects people giving them swollen tonsils, swallowing difficulties, malaise, fever, chills, headaches, bumps, inflammation, and many others. It is also acquired through physical contact.

Hepatitis is also known to many people as a common infectious disease is caused by a virus.

Another infectious disease is pneumonia. This disease affects the person’s lungs. The lungs can get inflamed and it gets filled up with fluid. There are several causes of pneumonia.

How to Prevent

Here are some of the ways to protect yourself from these infectious diseases.

To prevent being affected by chicken pox, you can get yourself vaccinated specifically meant for it.

Since strep throat is acquired through physical contact, it is wise to avoid contact with those infected persons until the fever phase is over.

As for the rest of the emerging infectious diseases, keeping a healthy diet and regular exercise will protect you from acquiring these diseases.

There are simple ways to keep those infectious diseases away. The washing of hands every so often may sound too simple but it does help in keeping away viruses and bacteria from infecting you.

If you can help it, cover your mouth when someone near coughs. Do other the same favor every time you cough too. Don’t use your hands in covering your mouth.

Sanitize as much as possible. It is always better to be clean and safe than be sorry later on.

It is also safe to not share personal things especially if involves personal hygiene. Viruses and bacteria can be transmitted through the stuff that you share with other people.


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