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How Bad Is Cancer Colon Stage 4

Colon Cancer Is No Push-over

Notoriously known as a killer disease, cancer can occur to anybody without warning. There might be some signs or symptoms before a particular cancer but it is not always the case. Cancer can affect the cells in the body. You can be diagnosed having it in different organs and body’s structures. In most cases, this type of disease is life-threatening. This has seen a lot of deaths on its victims and has left families into mourning the loss of a loved one. The last thing you want to hear from your doctor is you having certain cancer in you. It can shatter your world the moment you learn about it.

One of the most common types of cancer that affect people around the world is that which attacks your colon and rectum. These organs are part of your large intestine and they play an important role in the absorption of nutrients that your body would need. Colorectal cancer, or commonly called as colon cancer, affects the cells in your colon and rectum and could create a malign or benign tumor.

You Can Fight Colon Cancer

As already pointed out, some people won’t get lucky and survive to tell about their fight against their cancer. Some deaths are caused because they found out too late about their cancer and it has already reached cancer colon stage that is already difficult to treat. Although most cancers are incurable, there still cases wherein the patients survived cancer. One important factor that can make recovery from cancer happen is when the cancer is detected in its early stages.

In colon cancer, there may be a big chance of survival if the cancer is detected in the cancer colon stage earlier stages. There are four stages of most cancer cases and colon cancer is no different.

Stages and the Survival Rate Of the Last Stage

The Stage 1 of colon cancer is detected when the polyp that has the cancer cells have already become a tumor and is already extending to the colon or the walls of the rectum. There is better chance of survival in this stage of the cancer.
On the Stage 2 of cancer is already detected when the cancer tumor has already spread in the neighboring tissues of the affected area. Survival rate in this cancer colon stage is still high but chances are getting slimmer as it progresses.
When the cancer has already spread wider in the surrounding areas and has infected the lymph nodes then the cancer has reached Stage 3.

What you don’t want to happen is when the cancer cells have already expanded and infected the different systems of the body. This is already the last cancer colon stage and treatments can still be done but the survival rate is close to impossible.

Catch Cancer Earlier

Having cancer is not something you would want to have. Colon cancer is one cancer that can really change your life forever. It is always best to detect cancer in its early cancer colon stage so chances are still positive and treatments will not be wasted. Make sure that you have yourself checked regularly by your doctor.

By Greggy Rick Go, published at 03/10/2012
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