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the Survial Rate Of Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Survival Rate And Cancer

People are aware how lung cancer can be very difficult to deal with. This type of cancer is one that has caused a lot of deaths from its victims among other critical cases of cancer. Carcinoma of the lungs, or lung cancer, is also considered one of the most common types of cancer. The thing with lung cancer is that it is sometimes detected when it is already in its late stages.

Cancer, like lung cancer, is classified in stages to know the prognosis of the cancer cells. This will show how the cancer is developing. The different stages of cancer will also help doctors know which treatment will be effective.

Depending on the stage of the cancer, a person is able to know the survival rate. The survival rates can be influenced by different factors which include the type of cancer, the stage it is already in, and the patient’s overall condition.

The Different Stages of Lung Cancer

After a series of tests to determine the nature of the cancer, the size, the metastasis and the involvement of the body’s lymph nodes, the doctors will be able to classify the lung cancer stage.

The Stage I of lung cancer is just limited to the lung and the normal tissues that are around it. Depending on the size of the tumor cell, the stage 1 cancer is divided into Stage IA and Stage IB.

Once the cancer has already spread to its neighboring tissues like the lymph nodes, chest walls, the pleura, the diaphragm and the heart, the cancer is already in its Stage II.

Stage III happens when the central chest or the other side of the original location of the tumor is already involved.
The last stage of lung cancer is Stage IV. This is cancer lung stage will already show the other parts of the body already being affected by the tumor. The cancer has already spread to parts like the liver, the brain, the bones, or the lobe of the other lung.

Stage IV of Lung Cancer

Treatments and procedures are already critical when the patient is already diagnosed in its last stage. The survival rate in this lung cancer stage might not be as high but surgery can still be undergone as long as the patient is relatively young and is healthy enough to go through such medical procedure.

In Stage IV of lung cancer, chemotherapy and radiotherapy can still be required to help the patient.

This end stage of lung cancer is already expected to be very difficult on the patients. The cancer has already spread and treatments might not be as effective to the patient.

Dealing with The End Stage

Lung cancer patients who are already in their end stage may experience severe pain. There might be lucky patients who feel less pain during the last cancer lung stage and find themselves not having problems with breathing.

It expected in the end stage of lung cancer that the patient will experience extreme bone pains as the bones are already weakened at this stage. This end lung cancer lung is where the patient need all the support of his family and relatives as the body slowly shuts down.

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