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What Are the Symptoms Of Colon Cancer

Symptoms of Colon Cancer

No symptoms can be found in cases of cancer colon at its preliminary stages. Its symptoms don’t appear until the malady has developed into advanced stages. So, it is essential to keep a tab on blood and other diagnosing results to screen colon cancer. This will help detect colon cancer at its early stages and eliminate the same with right treatment options.

Blood in the Stool

This is one of the common symptoms of cancer colon, but it is not always to see blood which may be in stool. Certain tests such as fecal occult blood test can help diagnose blood in stool which is unseen to the eyes. Certain health issues may accompany such as anal fissures and hemorrhoids.

Thin Stools and Constipation

Thin stools mostly show that there is an obstruction in the things that go on in the bowel. It indicates something blocks the way of stool, such as a tumor. It is good to consult a doctor if people find thin stools consistently.

This is an insignificant symptom of cancer color. Regular constipation can be a sign of other things, more than a situation much less chronic than colon cancer. Anyway, severe constipation can be severe, thus, people must consult a doctor about this. As per colon cancer, constipation happens if a tumor is blocking the colon.

Are you feeling like you need to empty your bowels even if you don’t? Immediately contact your doctor. This may be showing the existence of a tumor that makes you feel like emptying the bowel, even if it is not. Abdominal pain is an important symptom. It generally happens if the colon is obstructed by a tumor. Don’t neglect gas pains as tumor also blocks gas to pass over the colon to expel from the body. If you feel fatigue and it lasts for a few days, then it may be the symptom of medical issues. As per cancer colon, fatigue is associated with anemia, which happens due to the loss of blood in stool. Similar to other colon cancer symptoms, fatigue is an unclear symptom that can be associated with many other less chronic situations.

Most people feel embarrassed to talk about their bowel routine with their doctor. Remember, this will easily lead to an unavoidable delay in detecting colon cancer. If the cancer is diagnosed early, easily it can be dealt and removed using better treatment options. Hundreds of thousands of institutes and medical organizations are launched these days to diagnose and cure different types of cancer. There are also many doctors specialized in cancer colon treatments and other severe medical issues. People just need to keep an eye on their body parts and things expelling out of the body. If any unusual thing is seen, immediately talk to your physician with this. Be open to your doctor as to help them understand the issues and find symptoms at one visit. These symptoms are easy to identify and cured.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/16/2012
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