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How To Know If Your Cancer Is Spreading


When you find out that you have cancer, it can be very devastating. If you can get to the doctor and the cancer is caught early, there is a good chance that it can go into remission and stay there for years. If you are told that you have to have an operation and undergo treatment to help stop the spread of cancer, the faster you have it done the better your outcome can be. For many people, cancer is an overwhelming life change and this can be a good thing or a bad thing. If your doctor thinks that he got a good handle on the cancer and you have a good prognosis, how do you know if your cancer has spread? There are many things that your doctor can explain to you and things to watch for like how to cancer is spreading.

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How to cancer can spread is something that you need to be aware of, but caution, not every pain and sickness means that your cancer is back. One thing to watch for is easy bruising. If you have never had a problem with bruises, and suddenly they are popping up on you, you should see the doctor. This can be from your platelets being too low, and is a sign of cancer.

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Any unexplained cough that does not go away can be a sign on how to cancer has spread. Coughing that is not caused by having a cold or from smoking or a lung diseases can be a sign that your cancer has spread into your lungs. Another thing that can mean your cancer has spread is a shortness of breath. These can both be signs that your cancer might have spread into your lungs and you should go back to the doctor.

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If you are having new signs of fatigue, this can be a sign to how to cancer is spreading. Sometimes being fatigued is from being tired, but if you have unexplained fatigue that will not go away, then it is best for you to go see your doctor. This is especially important if you have been through cancer treatment.

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Weight loss that is extensive is another how to cancer might be spreading. If you have not changed your eating habits, but are losing an alarming amount of weight it can mean that cancer has spread. Sometimes people that are sick or have cancer do lose weight and it is just because they were sick. But, if you are in remission and start to lose an alarming amount of weight you need to talk to your doctor.

Step 5

If you are having unexplained pain in your body, this could be another how to cancer might be spreading to other parts of your body and you should go see the doctor. You know your body best and the faster you get into the doctor to get checked the better off you may be.

Sometimes you will not know how to cancer is spreading through your body. There will often not be any symptoms and it can just sneak up on you. But, you also know your body better than anyone else and you are your best advocate. This, with the help of your doctor, can help you to know how to cancer might be spreading in your body.

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By Sally Vigil, published at 02/17/2012
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