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Tips on how to take care of immunocompromised family member


An immunocompromised person is someone who lacks the ability to immune against the infectious disease; or in simple words it is a person who cannot resist the seasonal infectious diseases the way the normal persons can. There is an immune system in everyone’s body that is supposed to oppose the entrance of diseases in your body and helps maintain your health. There are a number of reasons behind such deficiency and treatments are made as well but the family members of such a person must take a very good care of such a person and must make sure that he and the other people in the house are least likely to get affected by the infections.


The Host Defense System in your body is the system that makes sure that the injurious germs and infection present in the air cannot very easily affect the person and this ability to resist the outside attack is called the immune system. People suffering from immunocompromised deficiency deserve much more care as such a person is hyper allergic to all the unusual changes in the surroundings and often a large resistance to foreign organ transplant has also been observed for such people. It is therefore necessary to take care of them in a prescribed manner by a physician. An immunocompromised person must say goodbye to smoking for good themselves and on the other hand try to stay away from those who are smoking. Avoid alcohol as much as possible and the other people in the family must try to make them stay away from it. Taking as much liquid as they can be also a very helpful tip for immunocompromised patients. Liquids other than water such as fresh juices and drinks could prove to be better for their system as well, but make sure that the drinks are completely non alcoholic too.


They must try to avoid sources of infections as much as possible and this could be achieved by using processed food that has been pasteurized to eliminate any slightest possibility of infection. The food you are taking must be cooked thoroughly. The food that is meant to be stored must not be left open, rather it must be covered with some clean cover or cloth and the food to be kept cool must be refrigerated. Make it your first priority to wash the food for an immunocompromised person and make them wash their hands regularly too to kill any chance of getting infected. Peel the fruits properly before you eat them

Tips and comments

An imnunocompromised person can be cured only by taking proper care of them and it is also a responsibility of the people around them to help them fight their deficiency. Make sure that they are taking the medical treatment as per recommended by the physician. Vaccination for the comeback diseases must be taken in time as they affect normal people so easily. Make a bit more effort for the person and search the remedies from literature and web to negate the impact of this deficiency in them.

By stephanie ann zambrano, published at 01/21/2012
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Tips on how to take care of immunocompromised family member. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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