About Types Of Cancer That Affect Men
Diseases Cancer

About Types Of Cancer That Affect Men

Published at 03/01/2012 16:28:29

Cancer Cases in Men

About Types Of Cancer That Affect Men

There are cancer types that are common in men. These types of cancer are reported to happen more in men than any other types. For some obvious and not-so-obvious reasons, men are just prone to certain types of cancer.

Although there are reports of other cancer cases in some men, there are just those that men need to be worried about. These are the cancer cases that men can expect to be diagnosed with as statistic show its high probability.

Cancer In Men: The Different Types

About Types Of Cancer That Affect Men

Well, prostate cancer is greatly affecting men since it is reported to be the most common cancer men are prone to have nowadays. This type of cancer men is also just unique for men alone since women don’t have prostate.

Prostate cancer may be notoriously popular among men but what’s working hard on the death toll is lung cancer. Lung cancer is also one cancer that men are mostly diagnosed with. It might come in second to prostate cancer in terms of numbers but this seemed to rack up all the deaths with its victims.

Other cancer that men may have are colorectal cancer, testicular cancer, penile cancer, bowel cancer and some cases of breast cancer. Yes, men breast cancer can happen to men too.

Prostate Cancer And Men

About Types Of Cancer That Affect Men

Of the different types of cancer men, it is prostate cancer which is on top of the list. This cancer not only is the most common but this is also exclusive in the male specie alone.

This type of cancer happens in the prostate gland in the male reproductive system which is said to be where 20 to 30 percent of the fluids in a man’s semen come from. Like the testicular cancer, prostate cancer is exclusive to men alone.
There is a reason why it is lung cancer and not prostate cancer which has tallied more deaths with their victims. Prostate cancer is one of those cancer cases that could grow slowly. There are no common signs or symptoms that are indicative of this disease which is why it can only be discovered when men have reached the age above 50.

Those who are diagnosed with this type of cancer are not always reported to die of it but because of some other diseases that may not even be related to prostate cancer.

Men Can Have Cancer Too

Cancer is indeed a silent killer and has always been even with men. There is no "toughie" when it comes to cancer. Cancer in men is still cancer and is still is serious and deadly.

Prostate cancer is not the only cancer that can affect men. There are other cancer types that men could fall prey to. Lung cancer have always been there waiting and picking its victims. It also has a reputation to boot when it comes to the number of deaths that it has caused so this has always been a threat too.

Don’t count out the other cancer men that can still happen to you. It is always recommended to always try to live healthy.


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