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Cancer Can Be In Anyone

Cancer has always been a silent killer for everyone. This disease won’t care if you are poor or filthy rich, from the west or from the south, black or white, young or old, and if you are a woman or man. These factors just don’t matter if what we are talking about is this dreadful disease which is cancer. It just doesn’t have any respect for any status or gender of people. Cancer can hit just anyone and no one can be certain when or how—since even the causes are still not conclusive enough to give tips on how to avoid it.

Men And Cancer

Although cancer doesn’t discriminate, some cancers are common to in certain genders. Like in women, you will hear a lot of breast cancer happening to women other than in men.

Men have their own common types of cancer too. Some cancer men may not be exclusive to males alone but it has been reported to be the possible cancers that guys can get.

Among the many types of cancer, cancer men include prostate cancer, colorectal cancer and lung cancer. Colorectal cancer and the lung cancer may also occur in women; however, prostate cancer is exclusive to men alone.

Another cancer which is considered exclusive to men is testicular cancer for obvious reason. But this type of cancer may be rare to occur but still possible for men.

Prostate Cancer Is Common In Men

Among the different types of cancer that men can be diagnosed with, prostate cancer is the most common to happen. This cancer may not have taken more lives compared to lung cancer though. In lung cancer, most of those diagnosed with it have less chances of not dying because of it.

Prostate cancer men happen in the gland in the male reproductive organ system which is called the prostate. This gland is responsible in secreting 20 to 30 percent of the fluid in semen.

The tricky thing about cancer men is the chances that it might not show any symptoms or signs of existence and can just surprise men when they are already above 50 years old. And since this cancer is one of those that slowly progresses some of those diagnosed with it would even die because of something else other than the disease itself.

But even if there are no common signs that can be said of cancer men called prostate cancer, it is recommended to have oneself checked by a doctor if there is any problem with ejaculation, urination or erection.

Cancer In Men

Cancer is unfortunately something that one can’t prevent or predict not to have. There can be no stopping it from occurring.

Some of these cancers could happen in women and some in men. Cancer in men are no different from any other cancer when it comes to its being a serious disease that people have to deal with.

Prostate cancer may be the most common among men other cancers like lung cancer can be more of a worry than prostate cancer. Treatments might be able to help dealing with cancer but it is better to start living healthy to prevent any diseases.

By Cryogene Clooney, published at 03/01/2012
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