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What Is Bone Cancer?

The way you stand

Our body is composed of 206 bones from head to toes and when abused may cause bone cancer. Bone cancer is a disease that eats-up the components of the bone inside the body. In may start from tumor and may lead to bone cancer. Our bone is like a hanger used to put dress up to stand, without it, our body won’t be able to stand alone.

Exposed and can be caused of bone cancer

Bone cancer is like any other cancer that starts with a tumor that in a long run becomes bone cancer. People who have bone cancer are known to be exposed too much radiation such as x-ray, Xerox machines and other technologies that releases too much radiation like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). People who are exposed to petroleum products and insecticides are also prone to bone cancer. People with bone cancer, in their early stage, can suffer from severe pain, where the bone cancer is growing such as hips, spinal cord and legs. Bone cancer patient can also feel bone fracture and fatigue when the person uses the part of the body affected by the disease. Sometimes, the patient can also feel stiffness in his joints or body part. A person with bone cancer will not easily be guest, unless, diagnosed by the doctors since it can also relate to diseases such as body pain, reuma or arthritis. When often symptoms occur, better to consult your doctor for further test and diagnose.

Attending to the spread of bone cancer

According to the experts, when malignant or early stage of cancer has been touch, the cancer cells becomes more active and spread faster on the other parts of the body. So, medication and treatment must be given to the cancer patient right away to prevent spreading of the disease inside the body. Like any other kinds of cancer, bone cancer is diagnosed through:

  1. Biopsy is a process of getting a sample from the tumor inside the person's body to detect if the tumor may lead to cancer or not.
  2. Chemotherapy helps shrink the tumor and cancer cells to make it easier to remove, to kill cancer cells and prevent it to spread more to other parts of the bone and the body, and to inject drugs to help kill the rest of the cancer cells after the surgery.
  3. Radiation therapy is used in exposing the body in a very high radiation to contract tumor and damage cancer cells inside the body.
  4. Surgery is done in case to case basis, to remove the cancer cells from the part of the body affected by bone cancer.

Under renovation: Safety first

While cancer patient with bone cancer is under treatment, the person should take supplements, aside from the medicine recommended by the doctor, to fight the radiation caused by medical treatment such as milk (to increase the calcium needed by the bones and sustain the good cell inside the body), banana (known to be rich in potassium for building stronger bones), and other vitamins and minerals for oral intake. Our bones in very important part of the body, without it, we are like clothes without a hanger lying in the bed and being harm by insects, called bone cancer.

By Greggy Rick Go, published at 02/17/2012
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