What Is Communicable Diseases
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What Is Communicable Diseases

Published at 02/01/2012 01:28:57

Communicable disease

What Is Communicable Diseases

Communicable diseases basically mean those diseases which are spread from one person to another.

Diseases communicable are often called infectious disease or contagious diseases. Basically when germs enter the body we catch a cold or even get cough and hence the invasion of germs may also be known as communicable disease.

Germs are living organisms which may cause disease. These tiny little creatures may cause communicable disease like cough, cold, sore throat and even fever.

Germs which cause communicable diseases can be classified into four groups as stated below:

Bacteria: These microorganisms can survive in freezing cold temperatures and also in hot temperatures. E. coli is a common bacterium which is responsible for many diseases.Viruses: These are mainly the germs which are responsible for spreading the communicable diseases like cold, cough etc. Other diseases communicable spread by virus are chicken pox, measles and many other diseases.

Prevention of Communicable Disease

  • Common colds etc can be prevented by taking care of hygiene.
  • Washing hands before and after meals is a good way to prevent the disease. Moreover, hands should also be washed after coming in contact with animals.
  • Soap and water are a good way to get rid of the germs which are responsible for spreading the diseases communicable.
  • Get your shots!! Immunization is the best way to prevent the communicable diseases. Hence they should be given on time to children and adults too.
  • Eating habits should be improved. Cooked food is always better to eat. Moreover, stale food is a major cause for diseases.
  • Washing vegetables and fruits is good practice to prevent communicable diseases.
  • Antibiotics should be taken on time and as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Pet animals may also be a major cause of infection. Moreover, diseases communicable can also be spread by unprotected sex.


Diseases communicable are mostly curable. Many times common colds and coughs gets cured by themselves within a weeks time. But sometimes if the disease is serious then it may require medication. When the disease is severe antibiotics may be required. Antibiotics are medicines which kill the germs by attacking them.

Communicable diseases however should be prevented in spite of treating them and specially children should develop immunity from the communicable diseases.

Nowadays vaccines are available for preventing almost all communicable diseases and life has become much easier.

Whenever a disease occurs the body develops resistance to the same disease. Hence it is always better that the body develops immunity instead of taking medicines frequently. Once the immunity develops it is always there in the body and hence this prevents the diseases communicable to attack.

Tips and comments

Follow these rules and try to keep the communicable diseases at bay:

  • Wash your hands before and after having food
  • Wash your hands whenever you come in contact with animals
  • Cover your nose while sneezing or coughing
  • Always remember that cleanliness can prevent many diseases

Diseases commmunicable are mostly temporary but sometimes can be fatal. So its always better to cure it at an early stage.


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