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What Are The Causes Of Virses

Published at 01/31/2012 19:00:34

Understanding a virus

A Virus is a small particle that can replicate only inside the organisms living cells and they can infect all types of organisms like animals, plants and even bacteria. Normally viruses particles consist of two or three particles which are the genetic material, long molecules and a protein coat and in some cases there can be and envelope of lipids too. Their shapes range from simple helical to more complex structures and its average size will be about one-hundredth size of an average bacteria. The origin of virus or cause of virses is still not clear but believed to have evolved from plasmids or from bacteria. Viruses are termed to be the most important ways of gene transfer for increased genetic activity.

There are three main hypotheses that can explain the origin or cause of virses.

Regressive Hypotheses

Virus will be found wherever there is life and are supposed to be existed from the time the life cells have been formed in this world. This hypotheses mentions viruses once have been smaller cells and joined together to become larger ones. The bacteria and living cells they support this as their dependence on parasitism has caused the loss of genes in them and enabled them to survive alone outside a cell. This is also called degeneracy hypothesis.

Cellular origin hypothesis

Another important cause of virses is it is said they must have evolved from bits of DNA or RNA that has been escaped from the genes of a much larger organism. These escaped DNA can be evolved from either plasmids or transposons. Transposons are examples of genetic elements that can cause the origin of viruses.

Co evolution Hypotheses

This hypothesis is also called as virus-first hypotheses and says that the cause of virus may be evolved from complex protein and nucleic acid. This hypothesis also gives a completely new explanation on the cause of virses from the various cells present in the human body and its various efforts as a whole.

There are different stands that still persist on the causes of virses. It is said that virus causes some common type of infections in human body. There are many types of viruses in the human body that can cause various types of diseases and most of the time a particular type of virus can cause a particular type of infection in a human body. Infections due to viruses just pass through from one person to other. The virus generally moves from one hand to others while he/she interacts with others or be in touch with them.

The viruses that are present in the body will turn to be infectious or can get when a person be in touch with the other normal person. Viruses causes can be reduced to a great extend to prevent various diseases that can affect the human body. The causes of many serious or fatal diseases are due to viruses hence one should be careful enough of diseases caused with virus. Lead a healthy life and get away from all heath issues and be happy always.



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