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Development in the field of medicine together with in-depth research and analysis has provided numerous benefits to mankind. The result of such clinical and technological developments identified the cure for several hazardous, fatal and deadly health conditions. Unfortunately, there are still several diseases and health ailments that have no effective treatments. One of those fatal diseases that have no cure or effective treatment is HIV diseases.

HIV diseases are also referred as AIDS – Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, caused due to viral infection. Several medical scholars, researchers and extensively experienced medical professionals are constantly striving hard to find an effective treatment for HIV diseases. Unfortunately, until now there is no cure for HIV diseases and only treatment available to get rid of this fatal disease is prevention of the disease.

Why there is no effective treatment for HIV diseases

HIV spread through the sexual contact, from mother to child through breast feeding, during baby birth, etc, transmission of HIV infected blood to other, and using unsterilized syringes for injecting drugs. The HIV is active in the blood and in other liquid form. When a person is infected by HIV, the virus multiplies at a rapid pace and spread from top to bottom. Subsequently, it is no where possible to remove the HIV infected blood from the affected individuals.

The virus affecting the individuals tends to multiply faster in the blood, which damages and destroys the white blood corpuscles, WBC. Lower WBC count reduces the immunity; deprive the health, which in turn invites getting affected with other fatal diseases. However, HIV infected persons can enhance their survival rates by keeping their body healthy with proper diagnosis from physicians. Any treatment for HIV diseases should incorporate purifying the blood from the viral infection and destroy the same, which cannot be done as the blood is liquid.

Prevention of HIV Diseases

It is quite possible to prevent HIV diseases by implementing proper precautions. When there is no treatment for any disease, preventive measures obviously turn out to be the best treatment, which is applicable to HIV diseases. Following are the preventive measures that can prevent developing HIV diseases.

Since the majority of HIV infected persons develop AIDS through sexual contacts, it is highly recommended to ensure ultimate level of safety during the sexual intercourse. HIV easily spreads from the infected person to normal and healthy person through this physical contact. Further, this is also the major cause of HIV diseases in new born babies, which spread from HIV infected mother to the child. Eventually, safe sexual contact and avoiding the sexual relationship with infected persons can extensively prevent developing HIV diseases.

Lack of hygiene is the other major reason causing HIV diseases. No health care centre or other voluntary social group should collect the blood from the individuals and store in the blood bank without conducting the test whether the blood contains HIV infection. However, this preventive measure is already implemented by majority of blood donors and collectors across the globe.

Avoid using the same syringe for all patients are also an effective preventive measure, which can prevent the spread of HIV diseases.

Tips and comments

People infected with HIV diseases can focus on developing their immune system by taking high calorie and highly nutritious foods and supplements. A healthy body and powerful immune system can resist the development of other diseases invited by the HIV.

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