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Do you have a dog at home? Would you know when it is suffering from dog diseases mange? If you can not then you should so be reading this. Mange is a mild to serious condition that affects dogs causing them to itch and to loose hair. It is caused by a parasitic mite this mite irritates the dogs skin and takes residence into the dogs’ skin and therefore it causes the dog to itch a lot. There are three types of dog diseases mange and of the three types dogs tend to acquire, sarcoptic mange. It is the one that is very contagious and well known and therefore can cause alarm whenever noted. But in any case all types of mange are irritating to dogs and therefore if noted should be treated immediately.


The three types of dog diseases mange are named after the parasite that causes it and these types include demodectic which is not common and not contagious, cheyletiella and sarcopic manger which are harmful and very contagious. So just as they are named so are the mites that cause them

As we said before these tiny mites take up residence in the dogs’ skin preferring to live in dogs’ hair follicles and this why dog diseases mange causes itching and a lot of hair loss. The type of mange called demodectic is mostly found in puppies and dogs that have a very low or poor immunity to the common demodex mite. both sarcopic mange and cheyletiella mange are very dangerous since it can survive away from the dogs; skin and therefore can move to another animal’s skin and reside there making the mange easy to contract, but on the other hand demodectic is not easy to contract since the mite causing it can not survive away from its host.


If you notice that you dog could be having mange it is important you visit a pets doctor soon so that treatment can commence treatment for mange may be by medicated dips , injections , or even oral treatment .this treatment must be administered as directed because some of the dogs may be sensitive to certain mange-mite killing medicine. So depending on the dogs breed , the type of mange and the treatment , it can take at least a month or longer to get manage under control.

There are some skin infections can accompany mange so it is very important to watch for inflamed areas , oozing sores and bad odor from this skin infections mostly are common to sarcoptic mange. This infections which can also be bacterial infections can become severe and will need treatment. After taking your dog to the veterinarian make sure you get to know what treatment your dog is sensitive to.

Tips and Comments

Sometimes our dogs can have hair loss and hair loss which is not caused by  dog diseases mange this could be caused by nutritional deficiency or ring worm or any other fungal infection. Dogs with sarcoptic mange may tend to pass it on to human beings but since the mite is used to animal bodies it will not last for long before it dies but if after being in contact with a dog you develop itching and other symptoms see a doctor immediately.

By Emma Wanjiku, published at 04/05/2012
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