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Getting Your Dog Used To a Doghouse


When you have purchased your dog a new doghouse he or she may be hesitant about using this new doghouse! This is very common as all dogs will get comfortable to their usual surroundings and some may get startled by a large new house and be unsure of what he or she is supposed to do in this new home! So not fret however, there are many ways that you can get your dog used to his doghouse and have then sleeping inside of it in no time at all!



Doghouses have been around for many centuries and are much like a human house. A doghouse will provide your dog shelter from the wind, rain and also can help him or her from getting too hot or cold in the winter or summertime weather!

Dog houses have come a log way since they were first created and a basic dog house is typically one that is constructed out of just wood alone! However some people may even make a homemade dog huse (or buy one) that matched their own home with the same type of structure weather it be brick, or siding on the outside! Some even have shingles on them.

A newer style of dog house is an "igloor" type of dog house. This is a white dog house that looks like an igloo and is also insulated so to help protect your dog from the weather! This was an excellent idea and these dog houses typically sell from $150.00 and up depending up on the size of house that you will need for your dog!




Once you have brought home your dog a new dog house you should let your dog know that the doghouse is a friendly place to be inside of. A lot of people even may have their child or herself climb inside with their pet just to prove to them that the house is "good" and nice and safe. To get your dog coaxed into going into the house you can try to call him or her inside. Once they go inside give them a treat! This will show them that this is a good behavior for getting inside of the dog house and they will want another treat and will keep going inside of the house!

You should always choose a good time of the year to put your pet into a pet house. You wouldn't want to be inside and suddenly get thorwn out into winter weather would you? Your dog wouldn't appreciate that either. Typically spring is the best time to try and covert your dog into a new dog house!

Be sure to give the dog time to adjust to the house. Do not just throw your pooch outside and expect them to like it instantly, it will probably not work that way. Instead you could slowly introduce the dog house to them for just a few hours at a time daily and work up to more and more time. Then eventually leave your pet out there all day or night!

Tips and comments

Always make sure that your yard is fenced in to prevent other animals from running your pet out of his or her dog house! This will also prevent your pet from running off from your yard as well!

Never put food or water inside of the doghouse as pets will not sleep with their food or water but typically rather sleep beside of it!


By Jessica ., published at 04/05/2012
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