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Dog Skin Diseases You Should Know About


Skin disorders in dogs are the most common problems in dogs. The dog skin diseases are usually caused by many things; some causes, also cause skin problems to human beings. For you to know that your dog has health problems, you will see it in the dog skin, because the dog skin is a general indicator, that the dog has health problems, which can be stomach problems. The dog skin diseases vary, we have acute health problems, chronic and self limiting health problems, some dog skin diseases can be a life time treatment. This means that, you need to be careful and seek medical attention for your dog. Dog skin diseases have various symptoms, for example: skin rashes, itching, and loss of far or dry skin. The dog skin diseases are caused by: fungal, allergies, bacteria or parasites.

Parasites in dogs

Parasites are the most common dog skin diseases, the parasites make the dog to have some irritations on the skin thus, and the dog keeps on scratching its skin. The dog will rub and scratch the skin in order to relieve the itch on the skin. Sometimes, the secondary problems will arise, for example ticks and fleas, which commonly attack the dogs. If you can’t do away with the ticks and fleas completely, you can at least reduce them, in order to avoid infections on the dog skin. The mites can as well attack the dogs, but they are not easily visible. The veterinary has to use the microscope for him or her to see them and diagnose the medicine. These common dog mites are the cause of demodex mange and sarcoptic mange in dogs.

When the dog has irritations on the skin, and if the irritations cause loss of hair in dogs and inflammations then that is mange. The sarcoptic mange and the demodex mange can be treated by the use of a shampoo called parasiticidal; you can also use medications, topical or the injections. All this medications need the care of the veterinary. The demodex mange dog skin disease result from of overcrowd of demodex canis, this is a mite that comes naturally on the dog skin. In most cases they don’t cause an infection in dogs, but they can cause dog skin diseases whey the dog has: a lot of stress, impaired immune system and malnutrition. When the mites reproduce at a very high rate, they cause a lot of irritations on the dog skin and some itchiness. Demodex dog skin disease causes hair loss and can be life threatening ant it is contagious, because a mother can transfer the mites to its young ones during breastfeeding.

Allergies in dogs

Other common causes of dog skin diseases are the allergies. Like any living things dogs also are allergic to some other things, for example the dust, pollen, grass, shampoo or mold. The dog skin diseases, caused by dog allergy mostly have the following symptoms: itchy skin, rub, scratch and rushes. For you to know the type of allergy affecting your dog, you need to ask the veterinary to carry out allergy test on your dog. Other common allergies in dogs include: food allergies, flea allergies.

Fungal infections in dogs

Inflammation is usually caused by the fungal infections, for example they cause hair loss and scaly patches on the dog skin. You can see the ring worm on the puppies. This disease usually affects the head and dog legs, but it can sometimes spread all the body. You can treat your dog using the shampoo or the creams that your veterinary will give you.

By Bob Meadow, published at 03/28/2012
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