Advantages Of the Mental Health Act
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Advantages Of the Mental Health Act

Published at 03/11/2012 21:29:04


Advantages Of the Mental Health Act

It has been statistically reported that out of every ten people, six are known to have some kind of mental health disorder. Mental health disorders can be at a very minimal or high rate. In some severe cases, these disorders can be dangerous not just for the person himself but also for the people around. The Mental health Act is a legal law made by the government, which protects the rights of people using mental health facilities. It ensures that the patient has a complete right to get the finest mental health treatments which are known to be in his best interests. The Mental health act is more widely practiced or strictly implemented in the countries of the west and less on the other side of the world.


Advantages Of the Mental Health Act

The mental health act is perceived as a human right act as well since mental disorders are so commonly found in many people. Mostly, people with minor mental disorders are known to live a normal healthy life without any treatments required. People with a slightly more aggressive mental disorder are proven to be treatable as well. This means that while they are getting their mental health treatment, it is completely fine for them to live among normal healthy people. The legal act is therefore, a justifiable solution through which equality is established between the people with and without mental health disorder.


Advantages Of the Mental Health Act

There are many advantages of the Mental Health Act for the society, in general, and for the person himself who is suffering from a mental health disorder. Firstly, the law protects the rights of people who require mental health treatment. This prevents discrimination for the mental health patients when it comes to issues like employment opportunities. The act legally helps people with mental health disorders to show other people that they are getting the right treatment and are in a good state of health for them to continue their usual routines. Furthermore, the act ensures that people with mental health disorders get legal support from the state to face the society as normal human beings. The law also helps generally to understand that people who have mental disorders are not responsible for their mental condition. With the right treatment, they too can live normal healthy lives and build families just like all the other people in the society. The act also contributes towards controlling the crime trends in the country since most criminals have mental disorders, which are treatable. This helps the criminals get treated by the right authorities, further contributing to a good humane society.

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This legal act has definitely proven to build a better and healthy society. If the legal recognition of people with mental disorder did not exist, that could have resulted in so many problems for the entire society. It is providing people suffering from mental health disorders with the right to everything just like every other person in society. This mental health act is now being promoted in countries all around the world to further diminish inequality and discrimination among people.


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