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Published at 02/09/2012 22:28:42


To keep your sanity is not exactly easy when prices go up, wages fall, or worse, you remain unemployed. There are also other things that affect your health mental. Probably you didn’t even think about them until now, but they surely can cause depression.

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-Smoking may depress you, affecting your health mental
Researchers discovered the link between tobacco and long depression. But I still have not passed the stage of what was first - the egg or chicken. More specifically, it is known that people who are depressed are more likely than others to start smoking. Then, nicotine acts on brain neurotransmitter activity. That can be explained by the nature of drug addiction and mood. Therefore avoidance of cigarettes helps you stay among non-smokers to have a balanced brain in chemical terms.
-Thyroid problems generate health mental problems
When the thyroid does not produce enough thyroid hormone, the disease is called hypothyroidism, one of its first symptoms is depression. This hormone is multifunctional, and one of its main tasks is to act as a neurotransmitter and as a regulator of serotonin. If you become depressed lately and you feel fatigue and you have constipation problems, a thyroid test is indicated.
-Lack of sleep you can disrupt health mental
It is well known that insufficient sleep can lead to irritability, but less known is that it can also increase the risk of depression. A study conducted in 2007 and where healthy people attended, confirmed it. Those who were deprived of sleep had more activity in the brain after watching disturbing images, a reaction similar to the sufferers of depression, unlike other participants that were rested.
-Too much time spent on “Facebook” can lead to depression and health mental disorder
You spend too much time in chat rooms or on social networks? Many studies have shown a link between this behavior and depression. Especially children and adolescents suffer because of this addiction. Internet addiction can interfere in real-life human relationships, which leads to deterioration in the perception of the world. Some experts have called it "Facebook” depression."

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-The end of a show or a movie can lead to depression and may affect your health mental
When a movie or a show important for the viewers ends, some people may fall into depression. In 2009, some of “Avatar” fans said that they suffer from depression because the imaginary world in the film does not exist in reality. Moreover there have been a series of suicides in exactly the same reason. Similar reactions were also at the end of Harry Potter.
-The place u live can lead to depression and may affect your health mental

You can contradict endlessly about the best place to live. But researchers found that people living in cities present 39% greater risk of falling into depression than people living rural areas. A study done in 2011 and published in the journal “Nature” offers an explanation of the phenomenon: "researchers recorded that townspeople have more activity in the side of the brain that regulates stress. And a high level of stress can lead to depression. "
-Lack of fish from meals can lead to depression
Too less of omega 3, a fatty acid that can be found in salmon or vegetable oil, may increase the risk of depression. A study in Finland found a link between low consumption of fish and depression, but only at women. This fatty acid regulates neurotransmitters at serotonin level.

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