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Mental Health And Happiness: How Are They Linked?

Published at 01/25/2012 20:13:44


Mental health and happiness for us should mean much more than the absence of mental illness. When we talk about happiness, peace of mind, joy or satisfaction, we are actually referring to mental health.
Mental health is a part of our lives, is how people get along in the family, school, work, play, in community with their peers. It means how each can harmonize their desires, ambitions, abilities, ideals, feelings and consciousness in order to meet the demands of life. There is no clear delimitation between health and mental illness.
None of its features can not be taken alone as evidence of mental health, nor is the absence of any evidence of mental illness. Nobody at any time possesses all traits of a perfect mental health.


How do we recognize a healthy person?
A person enjoys a full mental health if:
1. He doesn’t get overwhelmed by their emotions: fear, anger, love, jealousy, guilt or worry;
2. Can handle "on the fly" disappointment;
3. They can accept their own faults;
4. Has self-esteem;
5. Enjoy the simple things of life events daily;
6. It feels good with other people;
7. They make plans for the future;
8. Enjoy the experiences and new ideas;
9. Sets realistic goals;
10. It is only able to take decisions in matters concerning them.
Mental health and happiness (Teens)
How can mental health and happiness affect the teens life and future. For example, learning how to relationship with others may affect the physical health in a positive way.
Taking care and protecting the mental health and happiness for your child, is an important part of helping him to form its adolescent personality. Like adults, teens can have mental health problems that affect how they think, feel and act.
These problems are real and painful. They can lead to school dropout, family conflicts, drug abuse, violence and even suicide. Mental health problems often limit the current and future abilities of young people to be "productive".
There are many environmental factors that may favor the occurrence of mental health problems, such as exposure to a toxic environment, with high levels of pollution, exposure to violence (physical abuse, sexual, verbal or emotional violence), stress related to poverty, discrimination or other deprivation, the loss of an important person, divorce or break a relationship, etc..


Family, school and community must learn how to work together to ensure a healthy, safe and encouraging environment for such adolescents.
A lot of signs may indicate a possible mental health problem or a serious emotional disorder for an adolescent.
He is disturbed and feels:
- Very sad and pessimistic without a reason;
- Very angry most of the time, cries a lot and exaggerates certain things;
- Anxious, more than other young people his age;
- Unable to overcome the time loss of someone important;
- Extremely fearful - having unexplained fears or too much in comparison with others;

Through major changes:
- Learn increasingly less;
- Loses interest in things once loved;
- Has unexplained changes in behavior;
- Has trouble sleeping or not feeding properly;
- Avoiding friends and family and wants to be alone all the time;
- Is dreaming and can not concentrate to do anything concrete;
- Believes that life is very hard to live and thinks of suicide;
- Unexplained voices heard;

Behave in a way that can cause problems:
- Consume alcohol or other drugs;
- Eat a lot and then remove it intentionally, abusing laxatives or take pills to prevent weight gain;
- Go on a diet or excessive physical exercise obsessively, to weaken;
- Violate the rights of others or violate the law without thinking of other people and the consequences;
- Do things that can threaten life.

If there is a hint of concern about mental health and happiness for a teenager - is very important to go to a specialist as soon as possible!
The conclusion is that there is no health without mental health.

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