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What Are Mental And Health Disorders?


Mental and health disorders are treated in various ways depending on their severity and causes. The symptoms of the mental ailments can be related to behavior and thoughts of the patient. The majority of these symptoms can interfere with daily activities and make life distressing and intricate. Recommended treatments must be practiced to treat these signs and symptoms. Treatments for these disorders could include medications, therapies and counseling. For severe cases, hospitalization and rehabilitation is needed.


Mental disorders are not as rare as others have apprehended them to be. In fact, there are approximately 50 million individuals that have been diagnosed with various mental and health disorders in the US every year. These ailments could happen suddenly as a result of a certain unfortunate event or situation.


Psychotic Ailments
Psychotic disorders are types of mental ailments that rigorously affect the patient’s thinking process and brain. Patients with such disorders are unable to think rationally and their decision-makings are practically impaired. Symptoms for such mental disorders include hallucinations and delusions. It could severely affect the patient’s life as well as the lives of the individuals that are surrounding the patient. Some signs include unusual speech patterns, odd behavior, mood swings and poor personal hygiene. Here are the primary types of such disorders:
• Schizoaffective disorder
• Schizophrenia
• Schizophreniform

Anxiety and Mood Disorders
The majority of the patients that are affected by mental and health ailments are under this classification of mental disorder. Examples of such disorders are seasonal affective disorder, bipolar disorder, depression and dysthymia. Some of the symptoms of such disorders are also caused by substance abuse from drugs and alcohol. Some of these disorders are obtained through traumatic events. While some of them are obtained through genetics.

Personality Disorders
Character or personality disorders are amongst the most common types of mental ailments. Individuals that are affected with such disorders have irregular behavioral patterns and personalities. These individuals could not relate to the accustomed social patterns and expectations of a healthy individual. Patients with such disorders are having complications with interacting and socializing. Types of such disorder include obsessive personality, paranoid personality, antisocial personality, schizoid personality and narcissistic personality.

Organic brain ailments
The primary causes of such ailment are usually triggered by other disorders and diseases that can affect the brain. There are some diseases that can cause impairment to patient’s mental functions. Harmful physical activities can also be the causes of such mental and health disorders. Here are the examples of such type of mental ailment:
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Multiple sclerosis
• Parkinson’s disease
• Huntington disease

Tips and Comments

According to recent surveys, 25 percent of the world’s total population has been affected by some form of psychological disorder. Early signs of such disorders must be given with the proper attention. Early mental health diagnostics portray significant roles in coping up with these disorders and diseases. It will help mental health care experts make accurate diagnosis and prescriptions. Symptoms must be treated to reduce potential complications that can be administered by such diseases. Mental and health disorders must not be taken lightly.

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