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A Mentalist is a person who demonstrates mental or intuitive capabilities. These demonstrations may include telepathy, divination, psych kinesis, clairvoyance and mind control. This art is generally known as mentalism and these people may use hypnosis as a stage tool and are also known as psychic entertainers. Explaining the different type of demonstrations that the mentalist performs; telepathy is connecting to the mental state from one mind to the other mind. The founder of this science was Fredric W.H. Myers. Clairvoyance is a French word meaning clear vision and is used to gain details about other humans or objects through an extra sense; it is a form of extra-sensory perception. Those who have the capability to perform clairvoyance are known as a clairvoyant and this means a person who can see things clearly. However, the topic of clairvoyance is quite controversial. Parapsychology has discovered that this science might be possible however this is not acceptable with other scientists. Moving on to divination, it is a way of getting into situations through occultist rituals. This too is not very encouraged by the scientific community and is labeled as a superstition. Psycho kinesis or telekinesis means mind movement and has not yet been established as an acceptable form of science.


The history of mentalists can date back to the ancient Greeks and even further back to the old testament of the Bible - as magicians are also included in the category of mentalists and stage magic has always been a source of amusement and entertainment. Many people claim that they have supernatural powers such as that of telepathy and clairvoyance whereas others try to show their capabilities by reading the body language of people and manipulate their subjects as to prove that they actually have extra-sensory perception and provide them with psychological suggestions, people do this to earn money.


A Mentalist generally uses their mind to do the tricks and do not incorporate the usual magic tricks in their work, they do this so that they are not associated with magicians and have a separate category set for themselves, they do not even want to be claimed as magicians and they argue that mentalism is a different form of art which is quite distinct from magic. These people basically use their mental tricks along with illusions incorporating the two so that they can boggle their client and make them believe that they are true. This becomes a source of income for them.

Tips and comments

There may be people who actually possess the quality of extra-sensory perception however these people are very rare and most of the people around today in the market are just faking to be mentalists. However, having a mentalist around can prove to be quite beneficial for the society as they have methods and ways which can solve various problems. They can be quite beneficial for everyone. However, this art is not recognized by science which means that it is highly likely that these people are frauds but you should be aware of these people, so if you have a problem from which you are seeking solutions then look for an authentic mentalist.

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