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How To Get Free Health And Mental Care

Published at 02/05/2012 16:26:38


What is Health?

Health is defined by the absence of disease and also by complete physical, social and mental wellbeing of a person. It means that health has aspects more than that of disease absence esp. health and mental care is related in modern day life.

What is mental care?

All people have physical, psychological, social and mental personality that defines them. Health andmental fitness is dependent on care. The term ‘mental disorders’ is used to refer to a broad category of disorders, such as affective disorders (major depression, dysthymia) and different anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder). These are not covered by primary health care objectives in most parts of our world. Prevention of physical threats to health and mental avoidance of stress and pressure relates to mental care definition. It also involves taking care of those suffering from health and mental problems, needs rehab and other kind of social services because they are not competent as based on their health and mental status.

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What is relationhealth and mental care?

Health and mental care is interrelated on many occasions because to call a human being perfectly normal, his both health and mental statics must be within normal ranges as compared to that of others. Its best example can be found in our home, as if someone is having an issue with health andmental status, or one of these is deranged: it is seen that he/she needs our full time support for both health and mental needs, sometime a mild viral infection e.g. flu, can cause the deceased to feel ill in both health and mental parameters. Same is the case of a brain degenerative disease that leads to the both health and mental problems, as one who isn’t in one’s right mind cannot take care of one’s mental concerns how is that person supposed to look for his physical health. And they for sure need health and mental care.

Why is health and mental care required?

Health, by definition covers all aspects of one life. But health and mental care has been used separately since old times. Though ignored by some eras of human civilization, it’s now recognized as a basic right and is so covered accordingly. As a man is defined healthy by being free from healthand mental problems, it means that the importance of health and mental care must be admitted and the problems to be treated otherwise.

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Where to get health and mental care?

Government is making policies to avoid both health and mental problems in masses. And its treatment is put under a basic right of every individual. The time of life has come where every sane person had double of the importance on insane. Just because population free form health and mental issues lead their selves and their country to a prosperous way and so everyone with healthand mental stability counts and very same principle has led to establishment of policy for health andmental care provision institutes and has encouraged the research process going on in this very same matter.

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How to get health and mental care for free?

In economic conditions like today, who won’t stand for a free health and mental care program? So here are some clues to how and where you can find one. Several projects has been started to introduce mental health issues into the primary health care system. The program also supports the mental health policy, planning, and implementation capacity of the central Ministry of Public Health of the concerned area. It is made universal to provide drugs for health and mental problems available on regular and equitable basis.


Several health and mental insurance companies worldwide provide you with the best rehab options.

NGOs are working in collaboration with international health agencies to support health and mentalinfrastructure. They are working in area all over the globe. You are just one step away from them and from getting rid of your health and mental issues.

There are always rehabs and old homes with specific health and mental care nursing staff, which helps you, become a productive part of community you are residing in!

All that’s needed for you and your beloveds is a strong will and the moment you will say bye-bye to your health and mental issues is right there a few steps away.


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