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What Is Mental Abuse?

Published at 02/08/2012 09:30:29


Mental abuse usually results from the discriminatory behavior for one person where the other feels superior and tries to make the other person feel low and deeply insulted. This is the abuse that highly affects the feelings and the mind of the person and it truly is the form of violence as well. The result of such abuse could be extremely injurious where the subject could even take his own life as this violence leaves the effects till later. It is literally the worst form of abuse as compared to the physical or sexual abuses as the aftermath of it is severe and does not heal soon.


Mental abuse is often regarded as psychological abuse as well as the distress cannot be observed openly, rather it is inside the mind of the subject. This way the subject feels him or herself a worthless being and becomes highly pessimistic towards the beauty of life. Mental abuse is often called the emotional abuse as well because it strikes the emotions deeply. The consequences of such morally low abuses often end up being fatal.


Mental abuses have been classified into two major categories by the psychologists and the analysts where they have shown that it is either the verbal or the psychological abuse that results in emotional and mental tension. Verbal abuse is the one where a person tortures the other by using either well spoken words or by the use of body language, in both the ways, the subject feels superior and unworthy of love and respect that drags them into a state of constant mental torture which most of the times results in a very dreadful way. The other type is the psychological one, where the subject is tempted to admit that certain wrong deeds are done by him and during this torture, the subject has to admit that he himself is the wrong person.

According to a research made at the University of Michigan Health System, regarding the emotional or mental abuse, it was said that the following could be the reasons of mental abuse:

"You are being treated in a way that makes you upset, ashamed or embarrassed. Furthermore, your partner may say mean things to you, threaten you, insult you, put you down, tell you that you make poor decisions, make you feel crazy, isolate you from friends or family, or ignore your feelings. Common phrases an emotional abuser may say are, "You're so stupid," "Nobody else would ever want you," "You look disgusting" and "You'll never be good enough to do that."

Tips and comments

Several non-government organizations and agencies are working day and night in order to eliminate the causes of mental abuse in people and to make them all realize the awful consequences of their little misgivings. It has been observed that some people are more affected by mental abuse when compared to others because they are either more sensitive or are already suffering a situation where their morals are low and their hopes are down. Such people could be drug users, lost people, pregnant women and isolated people both emotionally and socially, people who are facing unemployment or poverty or the naturally deprived people who lack some organ or sense.