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What Does a County Mental Health Department Do?


County mental health departments are set up in each county to provide mental health services to the residents. Professionals working in this department may include doctors, community workers and social workers who work to ensure the wellness of the residents. There are also other professionals involved like psychiatrists, therapists and psychologists who work towards the recovery factor. County mental health departments are there to facilitate the people so that they can live a healthy life and contribute more towards the society.


William Sweetzer was one of the first ones to define the term: mental hygiene, a term that is considered to have highlighted the significance of mental health. Since the importance of mental health has been realized, departments have been established in different areas to promote mental health. The county mental health departments were not so common in the past but over time, they developed with an aim to provide health with utility, to the residents facing mental problems. They have been quite successful so far, helping people of each county in overcoming their health issues and advancing towards much higher mental health standards.


The county mental health departments have a number of jobs that they have to perform to maintain a level of mental health in the county. These service providers keep in mind the sensitivities and the nature of the people who come to them and suggest a remedy accordingly. The professional workers in this department work with members of the community to handle cases of children with mental disorders or children who are mentally disturbed in some way. Moreover, support is also given to the affected families. In an effort to support groups of youth, this department provides services to the homeless teenagers or young adults. It also handles juvenile and drug addiction cases. In addition to drug addiction and homelessness, the services provided to adults include providing employment opportunities, medication or psychiatric therapy for any serious mental illness. They even provide therapeutic services to resolve any conflicts amongst married couples. Besides providing medical services during the normal days, they also provide services to mentally strengthen people affected by some sort of a disaster. Furthermore, aid is also provided to people who can’t take care of themselves financially or for some other reason and don’t have any close relatives or friends to help them. They sometimes sub-contract the provision of these services to other agencies that specialize in handling particular kinds of cases. Residents looking for help can call them round the clock.

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The provision of mental health services to all is very important. People need to realize that mental health is as important as physical health, sometimes even more. Mental health has the power to mold a person’s life and affect the outcomes of many situations that he/she may encounter in life. The county mental health departments uphold this mission of providing mental health services to all in times of need. The workers of this department try to build a society where people are free of any mental illnesses, a society characterized by happiness and prosperity.

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