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What Services Do Community Mental Health Centers Provide?

Published at 01/31/2012 15:40:14

Introduction to community mental health

Mental health is the one thing that can make you lose your personality and make you something that you can never be. There are several kinds of mental problems that are commonly associated with many people. There are specific types of communities that are meant for the treatment of the people that are suffering from the mental disorders. There are lots of such problems which may become very much harmful to the people that are suffering from mental disorders. So, the main function of these mental health communities is to treat them accordingly and try to make them healthy so that they can survive better. The community mental health centers provide them various kinds of treatments that are helpful for making them get their life back.

Origin of community mental health
The beginning of the community mental health centers was done in 1800 AD. At that time there were specific asylums that are meant for the treatment of the people who were considered ‘mad’. These asylums used various kinds of techniques for the treatment of these people and also tried to keep thm away from the society so that they could not harm the people. The moment that was started at that time is referred to as Moral Treatment. From the time period 1890 to 1920, the new moment known as Mental hygiene was started that used mental clinics and mental hospitals for the treatment of the people suffering from mental illness. After 1955, the mental hospitals were replaced bycommunity mental health centers and this led to the actual origin of these centers. Now, community support is present which the advanced moment of the community mental health is.

Services provided by community mental health
There are lots of services that are being provided by these community mental health centers. There are lots of people that are suffering from some kind of mental disorder and the people are not easily treated in normal hospitals. So, the use of these mental health centers has given these people a chance to recover from their mental condition and revert back to normal. They provide safety to the people that are suffering from the mental disorders too. There are some people that are affected by some very fatal mental disorders and also their behavior has become very dangerous to the people that around them. So, for the treatment of such people this becomes very important to make sure that such people must get treatment properly at such place where they cannot harm other people. So, this is one main service that is provided by the community mental health centers. They also are capable of the treatment of various mental disorders.

Comments on mental health community centers
There are lots of community mental health centers that are now available in the world. Many people are treated by these centers and there are also many people that are still under treatment. They are very helpful for various such people that are left alone and neglected just because of their mental health.


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