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Want to be recognized? Want to be an influential figure? Want to lead the world in your own way? You will need a strong educational background to achieve this. Here is your chance to live your dreams. Canadian universities are providing high-quality education in over 700 diverse fields. Students from Canada as well as students outside Canada can easily benefit from these 83+ Canadian universities.


Canadian universities are governed by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC). Universities are present in all 10 provinces of Canada. Canadian universities provide bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs. The city with the most universities is Montreal, Quebec (7 universities), while Halifax, Nova Scotia is a close second in the list with 6 universities. The largest university in Canada is the University of Quebec having 87,000 students currently enrolled. The ranking systems of the universities of the world normally consider McGill University, University of Toronto and University of British Colombia as the top 3 among Canadian universities. The universities in Quebec have low tuition fees compared to others, while universities in Atlantic Canada are generally considered more expensive. The constitutional responsibilities for universities lie with provinces. That’s the reason why there are differences in rules and regulations among them. In Canadian Universities, instructions are provided in English, French, or both. In Quebec, most of the universities provide education in French. In other provinces, the majority of classes are taught in English.


For admission in bachelor’s degree programs in Canadian universities, ideally the candidate should have successfully completed high school and should have competency in at least one of the two official languages (English or French). The common available fields in these programs are Science, Business and Arts. For admission in master’s degree programs in Canadian Universities, the candidate is required to complete a bachelor’s degree. The other main requirement for graduate programs is ability to finance the education. If the candidates can show that money is available and ready for their education, they may be admitted to Canadian Universities more easily. There are two types of scholarships available in Canadian Universities. Merit-based scholarships are awarded by the universities as well as by outside organizations. Student-specific scholarships are also available. These include minority scholarships and field-specific scholarships, among others.

Tips and comments

It is best for students to first identify the Canadian universities they want to apply to. The medium available for instructions must be considered in making this decision. Due to differences in process and regulations, it is advised to write directly to the selected universities and ask them about their specific procedures for admission and about availability of the desired field of study. The availability of financing should also be considered at this stage, especially for students who want to apply for a master’s degree program. In relation to foreign students, the Canadian embassy should also be contacted and asked about their process and requirements. This whole process is time consuming, so students should start the procedure well in advance, at least a year before.

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