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Published at 04/04/2012 04:08:30


All the things present around us makes our environment. Environmental studies are important these days as many issues are associated with our environment like air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution etc. Health of many people effects due to pollution problem in the environment. Environmental studies relate the human interaction with the environment. Many environmental universities are contributing in awareness program regarding environmental issues. Awareness about environmental issues is growing day by day. Many environmental universities have started degree programs. All these degrees are very demanding in the market.


There are very environmental universities around the world. Universities of America are famous in environmental studies. State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry is a specialized school of New York. This college has mission to advance knowledge about natural and designed environment. The curriculum of the college focuses on the understanding and management of the environment and natural resources. It also provides some additional knowledge for the students. This University also provides education on other fields like construction management and wood products engineering, and forest biology. This college is the best college in the United States.


International Sakharov Environmental University located in Belarus is also very famous Environmental University. The foundation of this university was a response to the need of trained people which were needed to sort out the problems related to environmental disasters. This college was formed in 1994 and acquired the level of university in 1999. The students of this university can choose the fields of their interest in environmental monitoring and environmental medicine.

School of Environmental and Biological Sciences is one of the best in environmental universities. This university offer courses in animal science, environmental science and life sciences.

Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs is the largest public policy schools in the United States. It the first American school to combine studies of management, policy, and administration with the environmental sciences.

Institute of Environmental Sciences located in Netherlands. It offers education in the multidisciplinary field of environmental sciences. This university has variety of staff members like ecologists, physicists, agricultural engineers, chemical engineers, and others.

Faculty of Environment located in Canada is little bit different university from other environmental universities. This university doest not only focus on environmental studies but also “Smart, Green, Solutions”. The student and professors of this university are always busy in research based projects.


Many environmental universities have started their Environmental engineering programs. There is a need of Environmental engineers these days as environmental issues are growing day by day. Environmental engineering is the combination of science and engineering laws to improve the natural environment like air, water, forest and land resources. This technological development provides better living conditions to the people. The water should be clean. The living and work area should not be dirty. It also involves recycling of waste products like water and other material. The public health issues should be solved properly. The main task of environmental engineering is to protect people against the global environmental issues in the world.


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