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Nowadays, the role of the universities administration is to support and manage all the academic activities of the university. University administration can be one of the most hectic and stressful jobs out there. One must wonder why the university administration is constantly under pressure. The university administration section is in charge of the most critical tasks.

The university administration has the responsibility and authority to handle all of the countless finances that take place on the university campus. They are in charge of hundreds of tasks. Sometimes, their work involves determining if funding is sufficient for a specific student or group of students. Other times, they have to be responsible for paying university teachers and professors their salaries. Whatever task it may be, there is a whole lot of busy management going on behind the scenes.


There are so many different kinds of activities that take place in different Universities. So many of those activities require financial management, monitoring, funding etc. This is also where technology lends a great hand. Financial tracking software gives universities administration the ability to manage all of those financial activities safely and effectively. One must make good use of them.


Universities administration should be driven by a few principles. These include that the quality and cost are interrelated and need to be measured and monitored side by side. Secondly, reliable data is required to analyse the university and manage the finances in an effective way. Thirdly, one needs to remember that in order to get good predictable results, parameters need to be analysed one at a time. Lastly remember that a good change is possible in an open environment.

The management of grant is something also worth noticing. It is essential in the professional lives of a university administrator or accountant. Thanks to the evolving technology, that has made work a little easier. With a variety of different grant tracking software, universities administration can manage things in a much more effective and reliable way. This software helps universities administration monitor the finances that are allowed or permitted for the university. It also allows them to check and analyse the areas where the college needs to spend money or hold back from spending. This will allow the universities administration to ensure that budgets are not exceeded.

Being a part of the universities administration, one needs to ensure that all types of funds that are going to be given out are well managed. There needs to be a set of well-defined guidelines to make sure that not a single rule of the university is violated.

Universities administration is always held responsible for holding back from unproductive, unnecessary and unclear expenditure. They need to monitor the objectives and goals of the university and permit the expenditure involved. Sufficient economy in expenditures by the university will be expected by the universities administration.


Universities are very difficult institutes to manage. They do not have single bottom line like the entities that help them make profit. Universities administrations need to keep expenditures within the budget and resource constraints. This is what is expected of them.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/21/2012
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