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How To Apply To Public Universities

Published at 07/07/2011 00:05:58

Applying to a public university requires time and effort on the part of the student seeking a college degree. Not only must the student plan for the admissions process, but he or she must also prepare for campus life. From the choice of a public university to attend to the need for financial assistance, there are many issues that concern college applicants. To find the answers to the many questions facing new college students, public universities have guidance departments or service centers where counselors work to provide information to students before they apply and after they are accepted.

Before any student is accepted into any undergraduate program at a public university, he or she must go through an intense application process. After receiving an application by mail or online, students must fill out the form completely. Most college applications require the submission of a high school transcript as well as an application fee. Also, most public universities, especially those in the United States, require admission test scores (i.e., SAT).

Next, high school students must send letters of recommendation to the colleges of their choice. Teachers and guidance counselors typically write these recommendation letters for students upon request. It is very important to get copies of letters mailed well before the application deadline. Likewise, many public universities have admissions committees or officers who ask for students to write essays. These essays usually answer a specific question or request an autobiographical statement from the applicant.

Last, but not least, some admissions officers offer interviews for students who seek acceptance into public universities. On-campus interviews give students the opportunity to make real connections with university officials. Also, by speaking with university staff, students get a closer look at their desired college. Application interviews, if requested, can mean the difference between acceptance and rejection (especially when the student’s application has marginal reviews).

Every public university has a schedule for the admissions process. Students should overview the schedule of every college that they are applying to and meet the deadlines for application submissions. The best way to prepare for submitting applications is to plan ahead. It is advisable for high school students to choose colleges and get applications at the beginning of their senior year. High school students can talk with guidance counselors to get a better idea of the overall application process in public universities across the country and around the world.

Tips and comments:

Pick about 8 to 10 public universities to apply for before starting your applications. Use the Internet to find out each university’s schedule for admissions. Then, mark your own college applications’ calendar of events. By doing so, you will be able to track your daily progress and meet all deadlines. Staying focused and organized is the key to getting into your favorite public university.


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