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Almost every career requires some sort of management. With the rapidly increasing technology, management is becoming tough. Regardless of the field, management applications have become essential for our lives. We all need a better way to manage the virtual environments, the online businesses offer to its customers. So many firms with virtual environments are in need of better and more efficient management. With the help of management applications, it is possible to enhance the online businesses every day. The use of management applications, allow firms to monitor their online business environments, databases and networks more effectively. In addition to monitoring, it also helps them save on budgets, time and effort.


Management applications are generally used to describe a set of computer software that is designed to help streamline the complexity of large projects and tasks. It also facilitates team collaboration and project reporting. Most management application solutions can handle resource and employee management, schedule coordination, task assignment, budgeting, and many more.

Management applications include different types of related software which is used to control a company’s IT environment. The different types of management applications include Network Management applications, Performance Management applications Software Application Management Software, Storage Management application, Network Monitoring System applications, Server Management applications and Application Lifecycle Management Software. All of the applications are designed to help company IT departments manage and stabilize their online business environments. Using management applications, your company and business can become more profitable.


The fastest and most effective way for finding management applications is by searching online. You can do this using an online business software directory. The directory will allow you to quickly search for the management application that is required to stabilize your online business environments and keep flowing smoothly.

The world’s leading application for management is the famous “Oracle”. Oracle is a relational database management system. It is an application designed to help manage huge databases effectively and safely. Oracle is made up of a group of processes that run in your operating system. These processes determine how the data will be stored and accessed. Oracle has a lot of different advantages and features that makes it popular.

Oracle is in use by many large organizations and one of the main applications in which it is most prominent is banking. Ten of the world’s top 10 banks use Oracle applications. Mainly oracle is used because it offers a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive pre-integrated business applications. This really helps with the key functionalities used in most banks.

The great management application responds well with efficient performance that is in demand by most organizations. The management application has features that pass the ACID test. These features are Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability.

Atomicity meaning results of a transaction's execution are either committed or rolled back. Consistency refers to the fact that the database is transformed from one valid state to another valid state and illegal transactions are not allowed.

Isolation relates to the invisibility of one transaction to another until that transaction is completely processed. Durability meaning once transactions have completed, the results are made permanent.

Tips and comments

Apart from Oracle, there are hundreds of management applications out there. It’s just a matter of exploring the internet and finding the one that suits your organization best. Management applications will make your life a whole lot easier and the best part about them, they are reliable!

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/18/2012
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