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Admission Requirements For Universities Of Art


When it comes to the admission requirements of universities of art at Waterloo University you will be able to find a lot of things which enables you to get through the admission procedures. There are certain minimum admission requirements for universities of art. You must have a high school diploma or any other qualification which is equivalent to it.
There are other specific course requirements which enable you to get qualified for getting through minimum admission requirements of universities of art. In some cases repeated courses may be taken into account depending on the program which you are intending to pursue. For most programs for universities of art you are required to fill out an admission information form. The how to fill in instructions will be included in the form. In case if English is not your first language then you will have to fulfill Waterloo’s requirements for English language. As a matter of fact the minimum admission requirements are not applicable for pursing courses for optometry, pharmacy and social work.


The list of additional requirements for applying for universities of art Waterloo University is quite long enough. Incase if you are applying as Ontario high school student then you need to have a qualification of minimum 6 grade 12 university under graduate preparation or masters preparation courses. Adding to that you must have a total of 78% on the top 6 grade 12 under graduate and master courses.
If you are applying as a Canadian high school student living outside Ontario for the admission requirements for universities of art, you need to have a 1st year CEGEP or any other equivalent course. The applicants who are having 2 years of CEGEP can be eligible for transfer credit.
For International Baccalaureate students applying for universities of art they need to make use of the link which says International requirements page for getting more information.


If you are a student who is under university transfer program then for applying for universities of art you need to be qualified with equivalent prerequisite courses that are required for the course/program which you are applying for. An overall scoring of C (65%) will be fair enough. Certain programs demand a higher average. You can also check the undergraduate calendar for getting additional information.

Tips and comments

If you are a mature student who is applying for the universities of art Waterloo University then you need to be qualified with the regular admission requirements. Incase if you have previously studied in any other college or university, you are not considered as a matured student for admission purposes. Apart from that you need to strictly produce a valid certificate of ability for studying at the university level. This should be done without fail. In case you are applying for a program in the faculty of arts then visiting the website of arts mature student office will prove to be very much helpful in gaining more valid information’s. As a matter of fact, the ‘how to apply’ option on the website is in fact really helpful for people to get through the various application formalities.

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