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Nowadays many people find it convenient to study online, many of the institutions that offer this kind of privileges are universities online, however, there is a procedure that should be taken into consideration when planning to apply for a place in these universities on line, below are the guidelines and established steps that can or rather should be taken to apply for universities on line.



Step 1


First you have to ensure you have qualified for the specific course that you intend to do. Many universities on line have different qualification criteria’s that they have for all applicants .They might range from age, academic achievement and level of education in relation to the course you intend to take. In most cases you will also require a letter of recommendation from your previous educational institutions. If you have not qualified to join the university then chances of getting admitted are very slim. It is very advisable for the applicant to prepare a very detailed resume or CV. It is required that the university should have enough information to make sure that you are a true and valid candidate for admission. Most of these universities on line require that you provide them information on your account on social networks thus it is important to be honest in order to make the cut.

Step 2


Ensure that you have a clear line or method of communication with the university that you intend to apply online for, in most cases it could be an email address dedicated to this purpose or mainly a post box that is checked constantly to ensure there are no communication hitches. A stable internet connection is also vital in this procedure of applying for a university online.

Step 3


Get your finances in order, make sure that you have the minimum registration fee requires to apply for the universities on line, although some university have no charge for online application some charge a certain small fee for an application form online. Thus it is in order to have a certain amount set aside for this purpose. Also certain documents that should be attached to the application form should be catered for, documents such as photos.

Step 4


Identify universities on line of your choice in order to learn about their application procedure, different universities have different application procedures and also offer a detailed guide on how to submit your application thus it will not prove to be difficult once you start the application procedure. Make sure you have done your research and found out about the best universities on line or those that are affordable in order to apply for the one that suits you.

Step 5


Finally have everything planned from your proposed intake date to your year of completion in order to ease your program, If the course you are planning to take is offered by different universities on line be sure to apply to as many of them as possible, this will increase your chances of getting many admission letters thus choose the best one from there. Goodluck in your application.

By Ema Mary Wanjiku, published at 02/10/2012
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