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Spain is one of the most beautiful, vibrant countries in the entire world. There are historic cities to see,  mouthwatering food to eat, and great universities to attend. Why wouldn't you want to study in the sunny climate with glorious beaches and recreational activities? There are dozens of Spain universities to study at to get a graduate or higher degree.

The top Spanish universities include University of Barcelona, the University of Valencia, the University of Navarra and more. these Spain universities are definitely where you would want to study if you are planning studying abroad to get your graduate or higher degree. For example, the University of Barcelona is one of the oldest and the most strongly built universities in all over Barcelona. It is so demanded among the Spain universities that it has the second largest population of students. There are 4152 faculty members that teach up to 78 degree courses. Other than this university, all the Spain universities offer post graduate and undergraduate degree programs for the students coming from abroad or living in the same state.


The history about Spain universities vary as there are a lot of universities that have been built a long time ago while some are very recently built. Some of the Spain universities like university of Barcelona were built as early as 1450. There have been improvement made in the building and there was a new one inaugurated in the year 1871. University of Navarra was founded in the year 1952. , this university is not included in the historic Spain universities. Even though this university is not ranked as the oldest Spain universities, it has still gained much popularity among the students who come to study here.

There are a lot of features of Spain universities that attract the students from around  the world to come and study in Spain. Spain universities are all about the study and the recreational activities as well. Spain universities provide great job opportunities for the students and make them experienced people. The Spain universities have huge campuses, thousands of faculty members and hostel rooms. Other than that, Spain universities have undergraduate and post graduate degree programs for all the students.

Some Spain universities like university of Barcelona offer up to 78 degree programs. Other Spain universities like university of Navarra offer up to 33 master degree programs, 10 double degree programs, 33 doctoral degree programs and a lot more. There is a museum for contemporary art in this university so not all the doctors and engineers have a chance to study at Spain universities. There are laboratories, art galleries, hostels, basket ball courts and many more that can be found in all the Spain universities. There are opportunities for the studious students and the athletic ones as well.

Tips and comments

Spanish universities have it all. From the beautiful campuses to the best faculty members, from the comfortable hostels to the good food in cafeteria, all can be found in the Spain universities. Not only the best environment, Spain universities also offer great undergraduate and post graduate degree programs. There are some universities that offer up to 90 degree programs for the students. There are helping and guiding faculty members that would tell you where your true potential lies and what you can achieve with it. Your hidden talents are recognized at the Spain universities in the field of studies, athletics, arts and many more.

By Qasim Ali, published at 03/25/2012
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