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Education polishes the personality of any human being and that is why it is considered to be a necessity for every human. The cycle of education begins at the age of five when a child first enters school and then goes on a long run. Half of almost everyone's life is spent in educating themselves. Once school ends university begins. A university is a place o an institution that offers higher education or research in various different fields and subjects.

Different universities offer different subjects in which higher education can be obtained. There are universities that only offer one subject as well. Such as medical universities and engineering universities where professionals are trained but education for only one specific field is offered in such colleges. Every person strives to achieve what he or she has aimed and to get into a good university and graduate is usually one of them. Every parent wishes for their child to attend one of the world best universities and make them proud.

Every college is prestigious in its own way and is known for one thing or the other but depending on quality of education, environment, faculty and the academic ability of students it takes and teaches universities are ranked. All such academic organizations wish to be included into the list of the world's best universities. According to surveys, Harvard University is the number one in the top five world best universities. It is an American private Ivy League research college located in Massachusetts and is the oldest institution of higher education in the country. The Harvard University has its own Arts and Design school as well as Science and Technology school. Excellent education is provided in this college training its students for the best.


Following Harvard University next on the list of top five world best universities is Massachusetts college of technology which is also located in the country of America. Then there is University of Cambridge situated in United Kingdom which once used to be a part of The Oxford University.. On the fourth number on the list of world best universities is Stanford University which is also located in United States of America. It is a private research university located in the state of California. The list of top five ends with The Oxford University situated in United Kingdom. The oxford university is the second oldest surviving university and many famous politicians and scholars are graduates of this prestigious and noble college.

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All these colleges are special in their own way and have gained fame due to their excellence in areas such as its staff and faculty, the academics and education they provide as well as the environment and surroundings of the institutions making them remarkable in their own style. It is the dream of every parent to send their child to one of the world best universities so they may succeed and prosper. Anyone with the proper determination could achieve whatever he wishes in this world. The key to success and priority is hard work and determination and the confidence of achieving what has been aimed.

By Qasim Ali, published at 03/29/2012
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