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How To Take Care Of Black Skin


African-American skin is just like any other skin type. It needs proper care to flourish and look its best. A good skin care routine is vital for black skin, so that it looks radiant and well-maintained. Just like other ethnicities, black skin comes in different types. It helps to get a skin evaluation done by a dermatologist so that you know any skin issues that you may be facing. A dermatologist can help you with any skin issues and give you skin care recommendations based on your skin type.

Step 1

The most important part of black skin care is to keep it clean. Gentle cleansing is key because black skin can be sensitive. It is important when you are washing your face to use products for sensitive skin and be gentle. If you scrub too hard, you can make your skin irritated and this can cause breakouts and discoloration.  Gently massage the cleansing product into your skin. A good cleanser should be made for your skin type and should contain gentle cleansers and moisturizers to balance your skin and make it clean. Harsh chemical cleaners should be avoided entirely as they will dry your skin and cause irritation.

Step 2

Don't skip moisturizing. Moisture is vital to making black skin looks its best. If your skin is dry, it will take on an ashy tone and you will look tired and your skin won't have a glow. Moisturizing products should be gentle and not too oily. Choose natural moisturizers over chemical-laden products. Black skin is less sensitive to the sun and does block many of the UVB rays, but it is still very important to protect your skin with an SPF moisturizer. This needs to be applied every morning before you leave your house and should be applied more often when you are in direct sunlight such as when swimming or at the beach. Protect your skin and it will protect you.

Step 3

Choosing the right makeup is also important to make black skin looks its best. Many women try to use the wrong shades of makeup and end up looking frighteningly harsh. African-American makeup lines are now available and include colors that balance black skin and make it look its best. You no longer have to settle for mixing different shades to try to make them work, now there are colors for just about every skin tone and they can have a beautiful effect. Don't go too bold with both your eyes and your lips. Choose to play up one area and let it be the focus of your face. If you are wearing a bold lipstick, downplay your eyes with soft colors. This will make your face look its best.

Step 4

Black skin is prone to discoloration and spotting. Dark spots can occur on African-American skin and this can be avoided by sun protection. If you do find that your skin looks blotchy or that you have dark spots, you can correct these if they are mild by using a natural lightening ingredient. Lemon juice is a great lightener that is natural and normally does not cause irritation. This can be dabbed on the dark spots several times a day until they are lightened. If you find that the spots are not responding, a dermatologist can perform treatments such as microdermabrasion to reduce the appearance of these spots.

Step 5

The most important part of black skin care is to take care of issues as they arise. If you start to see acne or other skin irritations, treat them promptly. The more time you wait, the worse the condition can get. Seek professional advice before trying to treat any skin issues on your own. This will prevent skin damage and discomfort. It is important that you get to know your skin well and learn what products work best for you.


  • Use products geared for your skin type.
  • Don't use harsh chemicals.
  • Protect your skin from the sun.
  • Cleanse your skin gently.
  • Choose makeup that compliments your skin color.

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