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The Best Womens Plus-Size Clothing Designers

Published at 02/25/2012 05:08:26


Salma Hayek, Beyonce Knowles, Christina Hendricks, and Marilyn Monroe are all icons who have had or still have voluptuous, beautiful curves. With these celebrities choosing to be proud of their curves, many clothes designers are developing plus size clothing for curvy women.

A women's clothing designer who specializes in clothes for individuals over the size of 12 is Jill Alexander, who is a designer with more then 20 years experience in the fashion industry. The idea for this womens clothing range originated out of Jill Alexander becoming dissatisfied with the amount of clothes retailers had on offer for her own curvy figure. Deciding to take a proactive approach Jill opened Jill Alexander Designs in June 2009. Her clothes three chief features are bright colors, patterns and clothes that fit the natural contour of the womens body.Jill tries to add new clothes to her range every month and opts to use natural fibres for many of her designs.

Big Girls United (BGU): Founded by fashion designer Tasha Hill in 2002, this plus size womens clothing range was inspired by Tasha's older sister, a plus-size woman. Tasha's sister wholeheartedly thought that retail chains should cater more for her size group and was dissatisfied with what was on offer.

This dissatisfaction lead to prosperity when Tasha and her sister united to create Big Girls United. One of there main goals was to eliminate the preconceived notion that bigger girls should hide there bodies with dark clothes, they have instead opted to douse their designs with vibrant colours to highlight the beautiful curves rather then hide them.


The next women's clothing designer aimed at plus sized individuals is Douglas Says. Douglas Says is a well-known clothing designer within the fashion sector for his specialization in stretch fabrics. He houses a collection titled Plus-U, a line that is reinventing the term full figured. He realises that real women have voluptuous curves and has taken steps to designing a range that flaunts them rather than hides them. At the moment he does not have an online shopping service being under development at this present time, but you can contact him if you've seen anything from the Pus-U range that has caught your eye.

Eliza Parker's company was conceived out of the turmoils and difficulties that clothes designer, Eliza Parker had when shopping for her plus-sized frame. Seeing the limited amount of product out there for plus-sized women, Eliza decided to create her own clothing range, which combines beauty, style and fit to create a beautiful clothing line.

IGIGI is a women's clothing company that caters to plus-sized women various clothing needs. The foundation of this company come about when founderYuliya Raquel was shopping with her beautifully voluptuous mother and found a immense void in the area of plus size women's clothing. From this event questions started to pop into Yuliya mind, such as why did women have to be subjected to tent-like contraptions that hide their curves rather then well fitting clothes that exhibit them. Thus IGIGI was founded, a Californian based company that produces a wide range of plus sized women's clothing which reflect the latest fashion trends.


These are only a few of the many fashion designers who concentrate on plus-sized women's clothing. There are many more out there.


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