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5 Top Stores To Find Just My Size Apparel


Just My Size has been in operation for over 25 years and is owned by Hanesbrands, Inc., which markets many products from hosiery to inner and outerwear. Just My Size Apparel brand has recently launched its apparel line in New York at a fashion show. You can find all the items priced reasonably at just under $22. The collection of apparel features many bright fun colors, ready to wear items and apparel that you can mix and match for whatever occasion.


When it comes to the Just My Size Apparel line, "there are no rules", says Janet Freedom, plus size shopper and JMS creative director. The fashion industry has been exploring more possibilities of using plus size models which in turn gives a healthier perspective to women out there instead of using the rail thin typical size 4 models that are seen as standards in fashion.

When shopping for Just My Size Apparel you can find all of your intimate apparel needs through just about all major nationwide stores. The Just My Size Apparel clothing line though is only available nationwide through Walmart in their stores, online at their website as well as at the Just My Size apparel website at You can also find Just My Size Apparel through Yahoo shopping.


At Walmart, a shopper can find a wide selection of items from the Just My Size Apparel line. You can find such items such as jeans, knit pants, leggings, print tees, cami tops. A great pair of boot cut jeans available online is priced at $16 with their printed tees priced at only $7 with a range of different colors and patterns.

Just My Size Apparel previously has long been known for its intimate apparel, hosiery and outerwear. Now with the company branching out women of all shapes and sizes can look stylish and feel at their feminine best. At JMS a person can find everything from bras, panties to swimsuits, clothes to work out in, lounge wear, hosiery and even apparel for the kids and men. The Just My Size Apparel line features high quality apparel with slimming seams, pockets that are placed strategically. The clothes are made to flatter a woman's curves.


The Just My Size Apparel line comes at a great price, but you still may be wanting to save some money. Before going shopping check for any sales. Many times Walmart will run sales in their store and online. You can also find coupons online for particular retail websites to use. One website called Retail Me Not provides coupons a consumer can use for many different websites.

They have coupons for the Just My Size Apparel with one being for free shipping, another coupon is for $1.99 shipping on standard delivery, one is for $15 off swimsuits, another you can find is up to 60% off bras and panties. The Just My Size Apparel also offers outlet deals on their website for many items. You can find a deep discount on up to 70% off of items such as swimwear, workout clothing, bottoms and tops, hoisery items from bras, panties, gowns, and pyjama sets.

By Krissy Brungs, published at 02/18/2012
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5 Top Stores To Find Just My Size Apparel. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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