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Clothing Designs For Full Figured Ladies


When it comes to clothing, it’s better to know what suits your figure and your body shape. Women who are skinny or lean seldom have any trouble in clothing styles. But the full clothing that the full figured women wear, they really have to think twice and contemplate about it. The full clothing designs for full figured women are different and vary from their body types and designs. It’s better to first recognize your problem areas, and then get full clothing that can actually help hide those problem areas and enhance the other parts of your body that are impeccable.


Before getting started on that, it’s important to identify those areas that are your problem areas, whilst identifying your body shape. There are a lot of women we come across on a daily basis, be it in a mall, or at work, or even some one we live with. We see that they are wearing full clothing that highlights the problem areas and makes them look un-proportional with the rest of the body, or simply make them look fatter than they really are. Whereas we also come across full figured women, who wear full clothing that helps them look half the size they really are. Yes that’s all because of the clothing designs.


In today’s world, the fashion industry has recognized that there is a huge percentage of full figured women who are looking for full clothing for their type of figure. That’s why; catering to their needs has become super important. Firstly its recommended that full figured women should always buy clothing according to what fits them, and not go for the written size on the dress. If you fit into a fourteen, then buy a fourteen, even though you usually fit into a twelve or sixteen. This is very important. Because different brands have different sizes and the size you wear in Gap might not be the same size that fits you in forever21. Before you go shopping, identify your body parts that you are happy with, which are in shape. For example, if you have a thin waistline, then go for a figure hugging dress, or a wraparound dress/ top. If not that, then go for belts. If you are wearing a loose top, add a belt to it. Try to wear dark colors if you can, they help in enhancing your body altogether. If you are shopping for full clothing, then keep in mind your weaknesses as well. If you have flabby thighs or a tummy, then don’t make the mistake of wearing tight skinny jeans or tight tee-shirts. Full clothing for your body type is definitely available; you just have to know what to look for.

Tips and comments

When deciding on jeans for your full clothing, go for boot leg or boot cut jeans, they add shape to your legs. And lastly to top it off, wear heels with your full clothing, the heels make your legs look longer, and make you look taller, which adds a lot of proportion to the overall image.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/21/2012
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Clothing Designs For Full Figured Ladies. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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