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Tips For Buying Plus-Size Clothing


Buying plus-size clothing that fits your frame and budget doesn't need to be impossible. Many plus-size women fall into the trap of purchasing clothing from expensive specialty boutiques that cater to larger women. These places have a better variety of clothing, but don't always have something to fit the constraints of every woman's pocketbook. There are several ways to find cuter plus size women's clothing that makes you look amazing without breaking the bank.

Step 1

Find women that share the same style and size as you and have a plus-size clothing exchange. Speak to other coworkers, friends, neighbors and moms that are the same size as you and organize a clothing exchange. Set a few ground rules for the exchange and place them onto a formal invitation. For instance, make sure that all the women know to bring clothing that falls into a certain size range and is in good shape. Encourage these women to bring along accessories, including shoes and handbags, that they generally wore with the clothing to create a complete ensemble. Once the women bring their plus size clothing it's up to them if they want to borrow the clothing or exchange the garments for good.

Step 2

Learn what looks good on your before attempting to shop for plus-size clothing. This can mean a lot of time spent in the dressing room, but it's well worth all the effort when you learn what styles and colors look good on you. Bring along a good friend that will give you an honest opinion of the clothing. Tell them to not mince words and give you the truth about what looks great, and what should remain on the shelves.

Step 3

Don't be discouraged if you have to purchase a size larger at certain department store. Clothing manufacturers have different interpretations of sizes. You might be one size at a certain store and when you purchase a different brand, you are a completely different size. Once again, the size is just a number and not a representation of all clothing manufacturers. Keep your head up and continue to shop until you find that piece that looks great on you.

Step 4

Learn that accessories are your friend. The key to making clothing of any size work, including plus-size clothing, is finding the right accessories to make the piece pop. You can also use accessories to draw attention to your good features. For instance, nothing accentuates cleavage more than a beautiful necklace. Draw attention to your eyes by wearing a fetching pair of earrings. Shoes definitely make the outfit, and should be a consideration. Even the plainest outfit can look great with the right pair of shoes.


When shopping for plus-size clothing, stay away from large, busy prints. These garments can make you look bigger than you really are. Also, steer clear of horizontal stripes. The stripes can make your hips and mid-section seem wider, which no woman of any size wants. Don't fall into the trap that black is the only color plus size women can wear. Experiment with vibrant colors to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

By Jamie Zwyzinski, published at 02/25/2012
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Tips For Buying Plus-Size Clothing. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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