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The Best Beauty, Health, And Hair Websites

Published at 02/29/2012 00:04:24


Beauty, health, and hair are of great importance to women. They want to look and feel good on an everyday basis, and there are many methods, products and procedures out there that can aid in this pursuit.

Women's Health magazine

This website's focal point is achieving natural beauty through exercise and a balanced diet. It has quite a few sub headings to explore such as fitness, food, weight loss, health, beauty and style. For the purpose of this assessment we will just focus on the health and beauty aspects of the website. In the health section of the website it contains up to date health news for the day, this is featured on the right hand side of the website. The remaining area of the health section is devoted to numerous women's health issues and fun little articles to read i.e. 7 self-checks you should do before breakfast or what your smile says about your health. These articles are both fun and informative.

There are also little self-quizzes you can participate in that relate to your health for example a heart healthy quiz. Similar to the health section, the beauty part also houses beauty news of the day. There are also sections in accordance to different beauty topics, these are makeup trends, affordable beauty, winterise your skin, green beauty and healthy hair. There are a wide range of topics to explore on this website in relation to beauty, hair and health.


Daily Glow

This websites mission is to provide fresh and sensible solutions to hair and beauty issues. The content on this website is constructed by beauty experts that will supply the best advice possible for your beauty needs. The sub categories for the site are skin and beauty, hair care, personal care, makeover and beauty buzz, thus there is a wide range of beauty and hair topics to peruse. Under each category there is a wide range of subcategories. The category of skin contains basic skin care, skin treatment and make up advice. The category of hair covers, daily hair care, treatment, textures and types and diet for a healthy head of hair. Each category has a wide range of modern stories for you to explore in a fun and easy slide show format.

Total Beauty

Total beauty is a website dedicated in helping women with their various beauty needs. They have comprehensive reviews on all the latest beauty products, tips for your hair and beauty tasks, health advice in relation to diet and exercise and a lot more. Each article is arranged in a clean simple slide show format making the information easy to comprehend and fun to watch. This website also has videos on offer.


Marie Claire

This website has all your health, beauty and hair needs covered. On the websites homepage is a must read list which has all the beauty/fashion news of the day which could be of import. Once you've finished catching up on what's happening in the fashion world it's time to sort yourself out. There are sections which address your health, hair, beauty, lifestyle and career and money, basically anything that can possibly touch your life. There is even a virtual hair salon where you can upload a photo of yourself and try on different hairstyles and hair colors.

Tips and comments

Each of these websites have comprehensive databases on hair, beauty, and health issues, so be sure to take some time to explore each thoroughly.