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5 Tips For Hair Removal


Hair is removed from the body for many reasons. It may be looks, comfort, fun or even for religious reasons. Whatever the reason for it, removal hair from your body doesn't have to be such a daunting task to accomplish. We have body hair for a quite a few reasons. The hair on the human armpits and the private areas serves two purposes: catching pheromones while preventing bacteria to enter and to reduce friction when we're running on all fours. This started back in the "ape" days from which man has since evolved from. Most people do not like body hair and want removal hair to be done.


Step 1

Before attempting the removal of hair, you need to know about the many types of hair on our body. All hair is made of keratin, a hard protein that's also found in other parts of the body. These parts include your finger nails and your toe nails too. Hair growth starts before you are even born and the follicles begin to evolve as you're developing while still in your mother's womb. 

Everyone has two different hair types on your body. Vellus hair is hair that is particular soft, it is very fine, and short. This type of hair is not very noticeable and is common on women back, chest and back area. Sometimes it is darker and much more noticeable in some people than others, especially those with a darker hair tint. Vellus hair assists the human body because it helps to maintain a steady temperature and also provides some insulation. This is the same type of hair that newborns have. When preemies are born, they will typically have a lot more of this hair. It serves the same function to protect them from the conditions inside their mother's womb too.

Step 2

To remove hair, you need to decide what type grooming utensils that you will need. Some supplies that you may need for removal hair  include:

  • Scissors
  • Razor
  • Shaving cream
  • After shave gel
  • Nair or another type removal hair cream
  • Tweezers


Step 3

The most common way that people get rid of hair is to shave it. Using a razor and shaving cream, the tip of the hair shaft is removed that had grown through the skin and become exposed. Typically, shaving isn't a long lasting result and only last from one to three days which isn't a good way to removal hair if you want it gone for an extended period of time.

Shaving is very inexpensive, and you can do it all by yourself. To get the best shave possible, get in the shower beforehand and shave in the shower. Exposing your skin to warm water will lead to a closer and more efficient shave that will last longer by making the skin softer and removal hair easier to do.

A few reasons that people hate to shave are due to nicks, cuts, bumps or ingrown hair. Although a lot of people learn to shave in the opposite direction from the hair growth, it is easier to get ingrown hairs this way. To avoid having ingrown hairs it will help shaving in the direction that your hair grows. An ingrown hair typically will happen with more close, frequent shaving. This is why it is more common in men than women. 

Step 4

Plucking is another common way to remove hair from the body. To pluck, you will want to submerge tweezers in alcohol to disinfect them. Using the tweezers, you would stretch your skin tight which will grip the hair close to the hair root, and then pull it out. This last much longer than shaving and usually will last from four to 7 weeks depending on your rate of hair growth. Plucking is a good choice because it is very inexpensive, however it can be very painful and time consuming because the hair removal is only one at a time.

Step 5

Using Nair or other depilatory creams is inexpensive and works quickly. Nair is a liquid that will remove the hair from the skin's surface. This works because it reacts with the hair, making it dissolve. The hair can then be washed or wiped away off the body thus doing the removal hair from the body. This method last up to two weeks depending on your hair growth.



Always use aftershave after any of the above methods to help with redness and irritation of the skin area.

By Jessica ., published at 02/23/2012
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