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How Laser Hair Removal Works


Most of us want a long lasting solution for the unwanted hair that is a source of frustration and unnecessary attention. To get good riddance from shaving and waxing many people turn to laser hair removal surgeries and procedures. Laser hair removal is one the most prominent and growing sectors of the cosmetic surgery and has been targeted by many. Especially those who wish to remove unwanted hair or need to get a permanent solution compared to shaving, waxing and epilating which is the removal of hair from the root. So removal hair laser which has been selected by many people due to its great results and safe procedures is the most used cosmetic surgery in the market now. Removal hair laser can be found in the nearest cosmetic hospitals or even in general hospitals.


Removal hair laser surgery is carried out by specialized doctors or surgeons that have degrees in dermatology and laser technology. The first ever hair removal surgery was carried out by a team of Massachusetts General Hospital that published papers which have since made the efficacy of these treatments well respected and recognized by the dermatology community.


For removal hair laser there are some benchmarks or standards as to who can or cannot get the treatment. The reason for this is that laser hair removal procedures can produce different results for different people with their varying hair and skin types. After consultation with a doctor a person can find out what the consequences of the laser surgery will be, for instance if they have lighter skin, their skin may turn dark where as those with darker skin may observe a lighter shade of their skin after the surgery. It is also suggested that before an appointment with your doctor regarding the hair removal surgery you must not get tanned in any way, by the sun or by tanning salons as this may cause the judgment of the doctor to be less effective and more wrong. Laser hair removal surgery is first initiated with the surgeon making sure that no ointment, lotion or cosmetics of any kind are applied on the area of laser surgery. The reason is that chemicals in cosmetics and lotion tend to reduce the efficiency of laser hair surgery and do not give the results the doctor and the person was hoping for. The surgeon then applies a gel to the area to be treated. The gel acts as a conductor to help the laser better do its job. Afterward the laser is used on the area that is to be treated that helps in the effective erasing of the melanin. Melanin is a dark pigment that causes hair to grow. This process of hair removal will require multiple sittings but with each sitting hair growth will become slower.

Tips and Comments

A word of advice that is given to all the recipients of removal hair laser surgery is that they should try to consult the doctor first in all cases to know whether they are suitable candidates for the laser hair surgery.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/01/2012
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