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Hair And the Fashion Industry

Published at 02/23/2012 12:35:23


Presentation is very important in the fashion industry as it adds to the glamour and overall styles. When it comes to this presentation it is not limited only to the runway but other areas such as hairstyles and accessories. There is a very strong connection between hair and the fashion industry and it should therefore be used to add that dramatic impression. Nothing can make someone look more glamorous than having the right hair style that is suitable with the designs that they are wearing.


The fashion industry is where the rest of the world gets their inspiration for what to wear each season. This inspiration and ideas gotten from the fashion industry is not limited to only showcasing trends in clothes but also in hair and beauty too. This proves that there is a very strong connection or link between hair and the fashion industry.

Many designers in the fashion industry use hair and other accessories in order to get noticed by the crowd. With the right hair style that is unique on the models, designers are bound to capture the attention of everyone which will help in promoting their range of designs


Designers can also use hair and accessories such as hair extensions, feathers, fasteners and hair grips to accentuate the overall look of the dresses to give classic looks on the runway. This is because hair and its accessories are a simple, cheap and quick way to add emphasis on the clothes that the model is wearing.

Another thing that hair and fashion have in common is that they are always evolving as designers seek to come up with unique and never-seen-before designs. Different hair styles also go with specific types of designs which means a designer has to be aware of the hair trends as well as in the attires.

For instance if designs on the runways are inspired by the 80’s look then it will be more appropriate to go for hair styles were worn around that time. This is because if there no co-ordination between hair and fashion you might have people paying more attention to the hair and ignoring the designs which is counter productive to designers.

Tips and comments

Fashion designers should also create new hairstyles with stylists when they want to set a trend with their cloth line. The kind of hair and accessories that a designer chose will reflect greatly on the perception that people have of their designs. This therefore means care and attention should be taken when choosing the right style for hair and fashion design.

When choosing hair and fashion design it is important to consider the age, sex, face shape of the models. It is also prudent to consider the time of the day the designs are to be worn since there are specific hair styles for different times of the day. Designers should not let the choice of hairstyle be just an arbitrary decision, rather the hairstyle should reflect on the style choice of the designer.