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How To Insert Hair Extensions

Published at 02/22/2012 17:40:57


Hair extensions have increasingly become popular with today’s women. Their main purpose is to add length, color, volume or to simply be able to change up your hair style within minutes. Hair extensions can simply be added right onto your own natural hair and are usually made from patented synthetic fibers that replicate human hair or are actually made from real human hair. They are usually put in by a professional but can very well be put in yourself.

Step 1

The first step to adding hair extensions is to make sure your hair has been washed, combed through and blow dried. Extensions always work better on a clean head of hair! From there, use your index finger or a tail comb to separate the hair on the very lower back section of your head. You will need to separate the hair horizontally.

Step 2

Start at the lowest point of your hair line and separate the hair, This is the exact spot where you will be adding on the extensions. After you've separated the hair line, use a rubber band or hair barrette to secure the remaining hair (on the top of your head) into a pony tail, making sure the only hair that is lying loose is the sectioned off hair.

Step 3

Open your package of hair extensions. Take the first hair extension and completely open all of it's clips, so the extension is ready to be inserted into your sectioned off hair. Take the hair extension and insert the opened clip just right below the parting. Make sure you're not inserting the clips onto your actual scalp, they should be inserted on your hair only. Use your hands and completely snap the clip shut, so it has a very tight grip onto your hair.

Step 4

Repeat the above process, until you have all of your hair parted and have inserted every hair extension. When you've reached the side of your hair line, try to make sure you're inserting the hair extensions so that frame your facial structure and blend with your natural hair.

Step 5

Check for gaps that the hair extensions may have caused. Simply run a finger along your head, making sure the hair extensions are firmly attached to your natural hair and making sure they lie flat against your entire head. If you find gaps, easily open the clips and reposition the hair extensions until they are inserted correctly.


Practice makes perfect. It is suggested you practice inserting hair extensions several times before you plan to do it to yourself, just so you save time when it comes to doing the real thing. When picking out hair extensions, you also will want to make sure the color of the hair extensions you pick is identical to the natural color of your hair unless of course you're seeking that multi-colored or highlighted look. Also, when picking out hair extensions, pay close attention to the texture of the hair extensions as you'll want the texture to be identical or at least very similar to your natural hairs texture.