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How To Dye Black Hair Brown

Published at 02/22/2012 23:32:51


Black hair is a unique fashion statement that makes lighter skin pop and creates an air of mystery and allure. Unfortunately, if you’ve dyed your hair black for several years it can be difficult to transition back to a lighter shade of brown hair. Instead of hitting the salon for a potentially costly procedure to achieve the ideal shade of brown hair, use the correct products at home to fade those unwanted black tresses.

Step 1

Before attempting to achieve your ideal shade of brown hair, remove any split or damaged ends. Perform this simple trim yourself or head to a salon if you are after a completely new look, aren’t comfortable cutting your hair yourself or have too many damaged ends to remove at home. Avoid washing your hair on the day you attempt to achieve your new brown hair. A clean scalp is susceptible to damage by the hair dye chemicals, as it’s naturally protective oils were stripped away by the water and shampoo.

Step 2

Purchase a hair stripping product from a local department or beauty supply store. These products are intended to remove the existing color from your hair, which is crucial if you’re planning to strip away months or years of black hair dye. It’s important to follow the directions exactly as written when attempting to use this product. Slip on a pair of rubber gloves and wear old, unwanted clothing you don’t mind ruining before applying the hair stripping product.

Step 3

Generally, you’re instructed to mix together a combination of two to three products and apply them to the bulk of your hair, not the roots first. After a set amount of time it’s time to apply the product to the roots. After another set amount of time you’re generally instructed to rinse the product thoroughly from your hair under a lukewarm tap.

Step 4

Allow your hair to air dry completely before attempting to achieve a new shade of brown hair. Locate a shade of brown hair at a local department or beauty supply store and once again, read the directions carefully before use. Always wear rubber gloves when handling the brown hair dye products to avoid skin exposure and irritation. Starting with your roots and moving to the bulk of your tresses, apply the brown hair dye with your gloved hands or a small paintbrush. Allow the product to remain according to the package directions before rinsing it away with lukewarm water.

Step 5

Rinse the brown hair dye until the water runs clear. Now it’s time to condition your hair, which is crucial because you’ve just stripped away the essential oils from your scalp and hair shafts. Apply the conditioner provided in the brown hair dye kit, concentrating the product on your hair’s ends. Allow the product to remain for at least two to three minutes, or longer, before rinsing it away with lukewarm water.


If the hair dye stripper couldn’t successfully remove your existing black hair dye, it’s time to visit a salon to achieve that ideal brown hair color. A professional colorist has the proper know-how, tools and equipment to help you achieve that amazing shade of brown hair you’ve been dreaming of.

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