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How To Dye Your Hair

Published at 02/22/2012 23:50:21


Dyeing your hair at home is a fun, inexpensive way to temporarily or permanently change your look. You walk down the hair coloring aisle at your local drug or beauty supply store and are instantly amazed at the various colors, manufacturers and types of hair dye available. Instead of being overwhelmed by this seemingly difficult decision, stop and consider your lifestyle, age and other factors before finding the hair dye product and color that works for you.

Step 1

Start by learning about the different types of hair dye: semi-permanent and permanent. Semi-permanent hair dye is ideal if you’re not committed to a color or don’t want or need to cover any greys. These dyes generally wash out after one month, but don’t be surprised if the color sticks around for longer than this. Permanent hair color is ideal if you want to commit to the shade and cover grey hair. There are generally more color selections with permanent hair dye, as it’s the more popular of the two choices.

Step 2

Choose a color based on your skin tone and age. Avoid darker shades of red, black or brown if you have very fair skin, as this will generally overpower your lighter tone. Conversely, your medium or darker skin tone will often overshadow a lighter shade of brown or blonde. Either way, keep this in mind when choosing your color, but don’t limit yourself from picking the shade you’ve always dreamed of. Also, if you’re a mature woman or professional, avoid unnatural looking colors, especially the wildly unnatural shades of pink, purple or green. These shades are fun for teenagers and young adults without a profession, but don’t work so well in the boardroom.

Step 3

Head to a local salon to have your hair trimmed or cut before attempting to dye it at home. Don’t attempt to dye your broken, split or damaged hair, as the chemicals found in the dye will make the damage even worse. Avoid washing your hair on the day you intend to dye it to allow your scalp’s natural oils to protect your skin from the dye’s chemicals.

Step 4

Slip on a pair of rubber gloves and wear unwanted clothing while dyeing your hair. Brush your hair well before you begin to mix and apply the hair dye according to the package directions. Follow the directions to the letter while applying the dye. The majority of home hair dye brands come with detailed instructions that generally answer any questions you might have. Allow the dye to remain for the suggested amount of time before rinsing it away.

Step 5

Rinse the hair dye away with lukewarm water. Continue to rinse until the dye runs clear before applying the conditioner included inside the hair dye kit. Concentrate the conditioner on your ends and allow it to remain in your hair for at least two to three minutes before rinsing it away thoroughly with lukewarm water. It’s crucial to use this conditioner, as it replaces the oils stripped from your hair by the harsh dyes and chemicals.


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